Samsung Smartthings UK Black Friday Discounts

Sorry @Bingstroller but think you’re too late. Most things out of stock now

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Thanks for that,

I was beginning to think I was imagining thinks.

I keep missing out when they redo the stock levels.

Will just have to keep trying.

@a4refillpad @Tonto has your monday orders been dispatched yet?

Mines been stuck on this since I ordered :imp:

28/11/2016 13:00
London UK Time Mr Steven Dale Preparation Order being prepared

I contacted them to complain and the customer service rep was awful.

I said I ordered it and expected it next day as promised on the website as it says:

Once your order is confirmed by email, by 7pm on a week day, expect your items the next working day

She basically said that I was stupid to expect that, even though I received the confirmation email, I had not received a dispatch email so I was waiting for nothing.

I said that no one even had the decency to send me an email to tell me it wasn’t going to be fulfilled but she said they did not offer such a service!!
I said I wanted her to lodge a complaint but clearly nothing has happened.
Just awful… clearly no care in the world for customers.

I do feel we are less than second tier in the UK compared to our US counterparts.

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Wow that is terrible

I ordered two moisture sensors on black friday and they arrived monday no problem. Looks like someone fucked up and said it was all in stock but it wasn’t and now we are waiting till it is. Currently their site its showing percentage discounts but the prices are RRP with no discounts applied.

I was pleased with the service the first time, how it can go so downhill on a order only 4 days later I just cant understand.

My Monday order of 2 x motion and 1 x multi arrived on Tuesday. Sounds like I got lucky

My order was 1 motion and 1 multi and I ordered before you. @a4refillpad what was your order?

3 x outlets. :frowning:
Samsung customer “care” really do not care. She said that I was guaranteed contact due to my complaint. I left both phone number and email.
I could almost feel the piece of paper it was written on scrunch up as I disconnected and hit the bin.

@a4refillpad any update on your order wayne?

Just about to send a email as it has been a week now

Yes received an email apologising after I complained. Was offered a £5 voucher against future orders and told to expect a possible 2 week wait. No guarantees though.

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I know it’s slightly off topic but I hope this lack of stock doesn’t affect warranty returns. I have a plug return currently outstanding and they said it normally takes 5 working days to receive a new one.

The inventory shortage affected us across the board: sales, warranties, internal commitments, etc. We might still see some dips in availability, but for the most part should be stabilizing both sales and warranties.

Haven’t received a reply to my email I sent tuesday :angry:

Received a reply saying my order will be cancelled, complete joke!! lost the discount. They didn’t read my email at all!! Wont be using samsung direct ever again!!!

I never received the promised voucher and just got a refund. Lost the special deal, no voucher. No apology. Just absolutely useless.
I’m just so so disappointed. I have so much Samsung kit all around me, from tablets to phones, laptops washing machines, robots and TVs. Just such a letdown how bad they treat customers.

I really cannot get my head around the Samsung SmartThings Logic.

They appear to be putting up barriers at every turn. I spent hours trying to purchase from the site and am now really glad I did not succeed.

From a personal perspective, without this forum I would be totally lost. This is a very new field for me and I will be eternally grateful for the work that the guys on here put in on a daily basis. But this seems totally lost on Samsung. Indeed without this forum I honestly believe that a fair few people on here, or those who have visited the site for info, would have given up by now and moved on.

I presume a lot of guys on here put their own time and effort into SmartThings because that’s what they like to do - it’s certainly not for any sort of tangible reward. In fact, the exact opposite - I have yet to see Samsung even acknowledge the amount of work these guys do to solve problems and promote SmartThings. More often than not being dumped on !

So where is SmartThings UK going?
That is the big question. Without verbal commitment, actions on authorising more Things and stocking levels I really cannot see the point.
Samsung SmartThings just do not care about this forum nor do I believe that they really care what happens to the UK market.

Whats even more annoying is everything but the outlet is now back in stock. I was excited about smartthings being added to amazon as I thought we might get lower prices but everything is still £29.99. Will wait for a new years sale at currys hopefully we can get some bargains.


As a suggestion, why don’t you offer all the users who post in this forum a black friday discount in the form of an email with a one time voucher code they can use? That way you could offer some loyalty bonus to long suffering contributors, instead of just a small number of people getting a slight discount to devices???

It would go some way to winning some faith back to the community.

incidentally, items are all back in stock again…now is the time to hold your hands up Samsung & admit that the Community & rewarding customer loyalty hasn’t been handled very well.

OMG, back in stock after I lost my discount and voucher? LOL you can’t make this up.