Australia Samsung connect

The Samsung connect app is mentioned here and includes references to the hub.

Does that mean it might be coming out officially in Australia soon?

Probably. Samsung is definitely planning to take SmartThings global and they have the resources to do it.

Pretty exciting - mainly for two reasons:

  1. As a long time smartthings user i’ll finally be able to use z wave products in Australia
  2. Alexa skill will be enabled (hopefully) in Aus store then so i can change over to Australian store (have to use US which causes issues but worth it for the skill)

I tweeted at Samsung AU and they responded that Smartthings may be released sooner than I think.
Fingers crossed it isnt some nerfed zigbee only limited to samsung devices version.


i would guess the new SmartThings WiFi system would be released there.

that makes sense.

so v3 hub is already out tho right? i can’t find any info to buy it here in Aus officially.

I just hope they unlock all the region restrictions when it is released! i.e alexa skills etc…

I hope you asked them how they know the date you were thinking it would be released :slight_smile:

Or tell them you think its going to be released next week and that your look forward to your purchase :smiley:


i think i got excited too early. If i move over to the aeon motion z wave sensors when this is released - they are 100 each!! :frowning:

Well I thought they shouldve been released in australia a year or 3 ago. So… yeah. But the tweet itself gives some hope that an announcement is imminent.

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so smart speaker which is also a smartthings hub in “TBA 2019”

Hope it’s not the only option as I definitely don’t want to use bixby. Also I have Alexa all over…

i logged a ticket with samsung (after been told by smartthings to contact them and not smartthings) and after a month I finally got a reply saying they “… have sent your case to the department in charge with the SmartThings service for investigation.”

So no update

anyone else see the news on Aussie TV talking about samsung smartthings? it still saying 2019 launch.

Samsung and RACV bring Smart Home platform SmartThings to Australia from today – but only in Victoria

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So will there be an AU shard/server? If so how do we switch from a US one to an AU one?

That’s great news…but I found that Australian z-wave is not supported…which is sad…

Update: In response to queries on the ZWave compatability here in Australia, Samsung Australia have advised :

The Australian SmartThings hub does have an active ZWave connection which supports the Australian ZWave frequency 921.4Mhz, which means ZWave smart products purchased in Australia will work with the SmartThings hub.


I thin there is some confusion on the word “hub”. The stand alone V3 hub is not being sold in Australia. So there is still no stand alone hub that works in Australia. What is being sold is the SmartThings WiFi system. This is Samsung’s mesh WiFi system that also functions as a zigbee and zwave hub and is certified by the zwave alliance to do so.

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Yes - Australian users are grouped in Asia Pacific (AP):

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I could have told you that :slight_smile:

So is this only for newly purchased hubs under the RACV rollout? Or does it include the original Kickstarter backed Smartthings hubs that were bought out by Samsung.

Really I just want to be able to buy stuff that will work in Australia :confused: