Samsung SmartThings hardware availability in Canada

Curious if anyone else has noticed that major retailers have stopped carrying SmartThings devices?

Canadian Retailers
In search of a couple of Multipurpose sensors, I went to Lowes where I can normally buy SmartThings. No sensors on the shelf, but the sticker was still there. Went online, the item no longer exists.

Went to the Samsung website where I was redirected to The Source, Bestbuy, and Amazon. All 3 show discontinued. A quick google search brought up another favorite site, Aartech, which again was also discontinued. I however found limited qty’s at our neighbors in the South at a Bellingham, WA Bestbuy.

After hearing about the possibility of the V4 hub dubbed a v3 rebranded by another company, I am starting to wonder where the future of SmartThings is going.

Anyone else noticing issues with supply of devices? Is Samsung pulling out of the device market? Or do you think this is just another Covid related supply chain break?

Lowes Multipurpose

Amazon Multipurpose

BestBuy Multipurpose

Aartech Multipurpose


I hope not , I new to the ST stuff :pensive:

The somewhat substantiated rumor is that Samsung is getting out of the hardware side of the smart home business.

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Any idea why retailers stopped carrying SmartThings devices? Looks like hubs are still available.

It looks like Samsung is getting out of the hardware side of home automation and is instead, going to rely on 3rd party device manufacturers going forward. I don’t know the details of this, but I imagine that as supply dwindles down in the various retailers and supply chains, that more and more devices are going to marked as discontinued or out of stock. If this is what’s happening, some retailers will run out of certain things before others. There may even be some restocks if there are still shipments being sent out of distribution warehouses. In reality, it’s still up in the air and your guess is as good as mine.

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I’m an early adaptor, so am still running my original (pre-Samsung) hub and have a mix of zigbee, z-wave and wifi devices, integrate ecobee, ring and philips hue.
I now want to use some newer devices (latest z-wave protocols) and made the decision to upgrade my hub. Dead end.
Can not find any v3 hub in Canada. Samsung Canada is worthless !!! in trying to get information and reading through all the forum posts I honestly believe it’s over. If it were not for my z-wave devices, I would have switched to Amazon Echo. Anyone here knows where I could purchase a Smartthings v3 hub or please tell me to steer away and give up on my z-wave devices and go to another brand?

I’m trying to buy a v3 in Canada, but the stock is crazy low all over the place and some retailer told me it’s being discontinued.

Is it a sign that v4 is coming out soon, or it’s simply a covid symptom? :slight_smile:

No one has an answer to your question at tHis tIme.

The only announcement that has been made at this point is that Aeotec had become a partner to make a hub for tHe European market.

There are a few linked threads in the following thread…

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So a Samsung Canada Support agent told me that Smartthings is Discontinued.

I went to buy another few sensors from as I have done many time before, but this time there was no option to buy from Samsung. Just a button to “Find Retailers”
For the multipurpose sensor it gave me 3 options

  • (not sold by Amazon, only resellers, selling the 30$ sensor for 80$ plus shipping)
  • The - No longer carries this item - discontinued.
  • - Discontinued - limited stock only, available for instore pickup only 8 hours away
    so… no sellers in Canada.

So I contacted Samsung support through the website chat…
here is what followed…



Transcript of above screenshots


Hello welcome to Samsung Canada Online Shopping My name is Sonia How may I help you


Are Smartthings being discontinued in Canada?
I used to buy sensors from Samsung website directly here in canada
now the samsung canada does not have direct sale of the items


Hi Tristyn, Currently on our website we do not have Smart Things and there is no ETA for their stock information


it says i can buy from these retailers then gives me a list of (there are only scalpers selting 30$ sensor for 80$), the source (discontinued), and Visions Discontinued)
your website tells me to buy from companies that no tanger carry your product
will the canada samsung site resume selling smartthings someday? or has samsung stopped doing direct sales


I see, as I mentioned there is no word on inventory for Smartthings are this time
im not asking about inventory
im asking if you do sales
do you sell smartthings?
In canada


Currently we do not have them available online


but if you get some, then will they be sold on the website?
oh i confused the robot


No we will not be selling them on the website
I have confirmed with my support team


thank you for that info
now I want to file a complaint


Tristyn, I apologize for the slow response however I am human


I Have over 40 smartthings sensors In my home
I want to buy more
you wont sell them your suppliers have stopped selling them


Further to us not selling the on the website, the items have been discontinued


I will not pay a scalper on Amazon 80$ plus shipping for a 30$ multipurpose sensor
smartthings has been discontinued?


Yes Tristyn

Tristyn. Due to inactivity I will be ending the chat I do apologize for the inconvenience or Samsung no longer selling Smartthings. Our Chat Id for your reference is 4300120240 Thank you for contacting Samsung Canada


this might be the worst news ever! I sure hope that Aeotec picks up where Samsung leaves off.

@jkp where was your source that Samsung was still in the game?

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Something’s not adding up.
Why did they just campaign to push everyone into their new app while at the same time stop selling hardware that this app communicates with?
Found this article on the exit of Smartthings

So where is everyone migrating too?

My hub just died.

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Yes, that article was discussed in the community when it first came out. But it’s been interpreted in different ways. :thinking:

As for alternatives, Different hubs will work for different people depending on their preferences and requirements. See the following section of the forum:

I don’t think they are ending SmartThings at this time. I think they are pulling out of the hardware. There are lots of manufactures that make Zwave and Zigbee devices that “work with SmartThings”

One of my favorites is the company Zooz for example.


I just want to point out that Samsung’s chat support and smartthings level one email support is notoriously bad. They have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. Their only real purpose is to act as gatekeepers before you get sent to level 2 support. If you want actual help you need to ask to escalate.

First of all, none of the smartthings branded products were actually made by samsung. They’re made by Chinese oems, as part of the designed for samsung program.

Samsung has decided to stop distributing them under their brand and instead will let aeotec (and maybe others) handle the distribution and sales of the oem products.

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Except if you are in Australia its not bad, support just does not exist what so ever.

I too have noticed the dwindling supply of smartthings products as I’m rounding out my home with the last few sensors I need. I think I got the last two on Amazon because they’ve been impossible to get, since.

When I read there was a possibility there would be no more smartthings motion sensors, I checked Best Buy and it looked like every store in Atlanta only had 1. I ordered one from every store that it’d let me. I’m hoping I’ve got what I need now.

Aeotech seems to be a little bit pricier with their motion sensors.

I know when you’re trying to poll smartthings motion sensors in Alexa, the screen will BRIEFLY say “waiting for Samjin” before the screen changes to Samsung. I’m guessing this has been the manufacturer all along.


There are quite a few Smart ‘Things’ Samsung have never directly manufactured, for example the V1 and V2 outlets were made by a company called Centralite, along with the V2 and V3 Motion Sensors. The V4 motion sensors are made by Samjin, and I believe the new V3 outlets are made by LDS Aurora.


I have heard from a source that smartthings is getting out of the hardware and moving to more partners…

The samsung motion, multipurpose, and buttons were the cheapest, highest quality ones on the market that i have found.

I will miss these.

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I am sad to say I can’t get SmartThings hardware, particularly the contact sensors, which are first rate… It’s really annoying when you invest in a product and poof! they are gone… Kinda like Wink…

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