Is Samsung killing Smartthings?

I noticed they have removed there devices from their website. Not available on Amazon. Not even listed In works with Smartthings. I called and they said they have stock but are re negotiating with suppliers. Weird.

They are getting out of hardware


In short no - but they’re getting out of the hardware business. Think Android. Google makes the OS and lets manufacturers use it.

Sorry… I should have probably fund this somewhere in this forum: Has there been any more talk about a migration tool? (Besides that short lived post on the option to work with support to migrate to a new hub that was pretty buggy).

When SmartThings is discontinuing hardware there is probably even less incentive to make this work…

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Yes, it exists. You need to contact ST support to use it. It only works for the v2 and v3 hubs.


I’m having trouble adding an old-stock “Aeon Labs DSC24-ZWUS Smart Switch” plug-in dongle, to hub-v1, so I’m wondering if 1. my hub is too old to add devices with new-phone-app, or 2. my plug-in is unsupported to be added to an existing system. The app never recognizes a new device from 3 feet away, though I have reset the plug-in and restarted the hub. My existing already-paired multiple old DSC24, still work elsewhere.

? Can I migrate hub-v1 to hub-v2 (been sitting in the box for years) ? I won’t put any batteries in it since I don’t need to start a fire. My hub-v1 account migrated ok to the new-phone-app.

Are you using custom device handlers for it? If yes, login to IDE, open the device handlers, publish for me, exclude the device and try to pair.

no this instance is standard device (that is not found as new). A few previous devices, I revised for default-KW. I’ll try what you suggest, but I’m not clear how to add a device that does not get paired with the standard device handler.

As for migrating from a v1 hub, you would need to manually do it as the migration tool does not work with the v1 hub. Probably a good idea to switch. Many users have had various issues with the v1 over tHe past couple of months. Plus it is highly likely ST will phase out legacy hubs in the beginning of 2021. Word is the ADT hub will lose support and I imagine tHe v1 is also headed out.

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They have been killing SmartThings for years.

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This is my first post.
Bought a Samsung Smartthings hub for two weeks ago and now you guys are writing about that its on the way out. :frowning: I already have a Vera Plus that I bought for a couple of years ago, but nothing happen on that platform and now I can start up yet again on a new (possible) dead platform. Damn.
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The SmartThings platform is undergoing some major changes but it is not on the way out. ST has announced they are getting out of the hardware business and licensing those out to other companies. Aeotec being the first to introduce a hub and sensors in the EU. I expect these changes will eventually lead to more advances in hardware development and support. :slight_smile:

But with change, tHere is some pain.


Home Assistant will live forever!

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Home assistant
Home assistant
Home assistant

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I posted this after a conversation with Samsung. Wanted to see what everyone thought. Although Samsung did not admit it. It looks the smarttings platform is staying. What we are loosing is hardware made by Samsung. I would still stick with Smartthings.

There a couple of threads on the hardware being licensed out by ST…,

So far, Aeotec has been announced for the EU market. I believe another company announced a new hub for the Korean market. @Automated_House can provide more details on that.


The original manufacturer (Samjin) is selling the V3 hub and sensors under their brand in Korea. Similar story with the 360 Cam being sold under Imilab brand instead of SmartThings.


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