Smartthings hub not available on Amazon or Bestbuy

I live in the US. I’ve recently checked on Amazon, and I found out that the Smartthings hub v3 is no longer available. I also checked Best Buy, and it also says that the hub is sold out. What has happened, and why are Smartthings hubs no longer being sold from these retailers? Is Smartthings still making more hubs, or are they stopping now?

Officially, all they have said is that Aeotec is going to take over making the hubs for the European region.

Unofficially, multiple community members have been reporting out of stocks for about a month in the US and Canada. There are many threads on this.

Here’s the official one. (The topic title is a clickable link)

And here’s an unofficial one:

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May or may not be some available:

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They were available direct from Samsung up to about a week ago, but now appear to be out of stock there as well. :disappointed_relieved:

Yep, but zones says contact to check for availability. It is listed on the Samsung page plus best buy for business.

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Amazon now looks like they have them on order For December delivery. But it’s sold by Amazon, so that’s a good thing:

wow! Over the course of 30 minutes they went from in stock, to December delivery, to “currently unavailable.“ :disappointed_relieved:


If you’re desperate to get one sooner, like you had a hub die and need a replacement, Amazon has some of the second generation kits in stock (sold by Amazon itself). Not sure how long they’ll last.

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Meanwhile in Europe, signs of things happening …