Smartthings Motion Sensor- can't find one to buy anywhere in Aus

I’ve been unable to buy any more Smartthings Motion Sensors as I can’t find them anywhere any more. I’m in Australia. Has Samsung stopped them?

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I would recommend reaching out to the E-Commerce team for assistance with placing an order or locating stock. 1300 362 603 8am-8pm / Monday to Friday.

Thanks mate, I’ve spoken to a few people at Samsung but nobody knows why there isn’t stock anywhere in Australia at the moment. All sold out at Australian retailers, can’t even find one on Amazon or Ebay.

Wonder if they’ve discontinued …

Can’t find them in Canada either. They’ve been out of stock on Amazon for at least a month and I haven’t been able to find any in store.

What a shame as they were well priced little sensors. I should have bought more of them had I known.

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Seriously. I need a few more, i was fortunate to pickup a bunch in the spring for like 25% off. Wish I got more.

Has anyone heard that ST was making a new sensor line-up soon, as all Aust retailers have sold out of there and no new stock is being ordered.

Looks like the models get updated about every two years, so now would be about the time we could expect something new.

Also RACV was selling 3 for about $52.20 a few months ago, so that might be a further sign that dumping stock is in anticipation of a deleted product line.

There’s been none in the UK for a while either. I’ve been searching for them since November. None of the big stores have any and Amazon seems to have sold out.

Smartthings has decided they will no longer manufacture or support home automation hardware, they are turning that over to partners. Smartthings will continue to provide the app and the cloud.

So far the only partner that has been announced is Aeotec, and that’s for the UK and the US. The first devices are identical to the smartthings ones, just with a different logo on the case.

Because these are zigbee devices, the ones for the UK should also work in Australia. But there has been a gap in the supply chain because smartthings let the old ones sell out before Aeotec was ready to start selling the new ones.

Here’s the official announcement,

An Update Regarding our Hardware

And here’s the Aeotec announcement:

you can still find them on ebay, but sellers are wanting top dollar like they know they are out of stock everywhere.

For those following this thread, Aeotec has now officially announced that they will be offering their new line of clones of the previous smartthings brand devices in Australia, and at least one retailer there is starting to take pre-orders.

This should be good news for both support and availability.

Australia: Aeotec to release ST clones, including hub, in 2021