Samsung SmartSense Motion

I use rechargable batteries and plug the v1 motion sensor into the usb plug. It has 50% charge but when I walk next to it, it isnt triggering.

Check this Why only Panasonic or Duracell for ST Sensor?

Thanks but that is a different device. Mine takes AA batteries not watch battery. I also dont see that warning either.

Did you try with normal battery?

Yes. Same issue. I wonder if I have to reset it.

Try taking the batteries out for a minute or two and try it again. Many times that will fix the problem.

I did. I ended up bringing it close to ST hub an dpressing the button for 5 seconds. It is now responding but wow that would be a nuance to do with each one!

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maybe you need a zigbee repeater. You should not have to get closer to hub to reset or update.

For this I do. It says it in the ST docs