ST motion, didn't detect for 2 days, now ok?

Have a ST motion sensor in a place where it should detect 1000’s of times a day. It’s an important one for getting up at night to run a routine, switch lights, SHM etc.

However had a couple of SHM alarms over past couple of days, checked logs in ST iOS app, and realised that the ST motion hasn’t triggered for days. It’s battery reports fine.

I just checked tonight and and waved in front and theft kids and app now show it’s working. Nothing’s changed. I’ve never moved, touched it or anything.

What’s happened? Anyone have similar? Little worried as SHM relies on this for night routines, triggers etc.

I’ve had issues with one of these.
Only way I can get mine to work again is by removing and reinstalling the battery.
Happens every 2 to 3 months for me.

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Oh ok, looks like I’ll have to do that then. Do you use the same battery? Mine’s shows 80% so should be ok.

Do you then have to repair it to the hub or be ok? So you literally remove and then refit the battery and it works again?

Not ideal if happens all the time, how often have you had to do this? Is it only one specific motion sensor? If so mines still in warranty so could report it as faulty?


Like I said every 2 to 3 months it goes awol.
Remove and replace battery does the trick.
I have had to do a button press while re-inserting the battery very occasionally.
It does work again without doing a re-pair again.
My batteries are currently at 88% and are the originals.
Edit. The one that does fail is the furthest away from my hub which in fairness is not that far away.

Same thing happened to me yesterday and today. Motion didn’t work at all until battery reset. no way this is a mesh issue since I have repeater every 15 feet in the house.

Has this been reported to Samsung then? Think its worth it? Is it always the same unit that does this? I will do this now, as I rely a lot on this motion to trigger a lot to be honest, its one which doesn’t really do security for me, but does trigger an “up at night” to disable SHM temporary, switch lights etc. Currently I’m getting texts in middle of night when “rover the dog” decides to have a sniff about!

I have replaced the offending Sensor with a Fibaro Motion Sensor. This has worked faultlessly.
I moved The ST Sensor to a 'non critical ’ area which is closer to the hub and it hasn’t failed since.
So it’s either behaving or it was a distance issue.

I had the same issue today. A new sensor 5 days old… Would not detect motion until I removed and reinserted the battery.

All Samsung ST motion, I think we should all email ST support then with the same issue. Not sure if they can be upgraded separately, or a hub update or something, but think we should email to at least mame them aware?

Just had another, probably unrelated, but strange going on.

It triggered my “up at night” routine which disarms SHM, amongst other things. However I got a text saying intrusion, when SHM and mode up at night, from a different motion sensor?!? How??

SHM was disarmed, I’ve just checked in notifications, and it showed disarmed and then it ran my “good night” routine which puts SHM in armed (stay) mode later after the intrusion, what was this? What’s happening?

I dont know if this is just a Samsung thing. All my sensors are Aeotec and I run into this problem every now and then. The sensors will report all other values except motion until I hit the configure key to wake them up.