Why only Panasonic or Duracell for ST Sensor?

Anyone know the reason why ST sensor indicate that it must be Panasonic / Duracell battery only? Marketing tie up?

A user on the thread link attached, found that other makes have a different profile that can cause issues!

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I bought a Sony button cell. It didn’t work with the motion sensor. The contact point is too low.

The Sony cell has a smaller diameter profile at the bottom.

But the same battery worked in the door sensor.

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What a shit fucking design, I can’t believe they couldn’t move the positive contact tab up half a goddamn millimeter.

Seriously, this is pathetic, especially when the rest of their devices have no problems using the huge stash of energizer 2430’s I just bought.

It’s also pathetic the app never updates the battery status on the devices. For the last year mine have all been 88% charged.


A little harsh there but I understand. I have 5 sensors and feel your pain. I can live with the positive contact cause I pulled it up a little with a pick. What I don’t like is the plastic battery hold down. Now that’s a crazy design and fingernail killer.
I was curious and checked all my battery level after reading your post and you are right. All 5 sensors read 88%. Pretty sure the next % will be something insane like 33% or 1% like my GoControl window contact sensor.

Just yesterday I found the exact battery CR2450 that Samsung (CentraLite) shipped in the multi sensors.
They are only rated for 550 mA are marked LIXING but the package is sold as UltraLast at Microcenter.
They are very affordable. I bought 4 for the price of one Panasonic.

Easy to ‘fix’ with a small stripe of folded aluminum foil placed right above the positive contact tab, and touching on it. I’ve been using cheap batteries from Aliexpress this way for a long time now (though the last batch I bought sucks, most of them last for a couple of months only…)

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Found my latest batch of duracel batteries made 2020 have a slightly different design. I’ve had to tease the contact up, if that doesn’t consistently work, I’ll use @Oscar_Hierro’s foil trick.