Motion sensor all of a sudden stuck on detecting motion!

All of a sudden, as of last night, my Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor is simply stuck on showing that it’s detecting motion in the SmartThings app. As a result, it no longer triggers anything. How do I troubleshoot and fix? Why did this happen and how to I make sure it doesnt happen again?

Usually taking the battery out then back in will fix it. As for root cause…

Have you installed any new devices recently? Zigbee or Zwave? Any new or changes to your wifi network?

How close is the nearest powered (wired) zigbee device?

Could be the battery running out of juice

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None of the above seemed to be the problem nor the solution. No new devices. Wasnt the battery. No nearby zigbee device to interfere. I had to re-add the device to make fix it. Weird.

I just had this same problem last night with a Zooz 4in1 motion sensor. It was stuck on detecting motion. Took it down, took out batteries twice! First time I took the batteries out it went from 100% (prior to) to 60% battery life. After the second time taking the batteries out it went up to 70%. Very bizzare. All of my other sensors were fine. Wasn’t sure if it was some new interference in that room, etc. I too removed and replaced it…even that didn’t fix it right away. Then it wouldn’t sense motion at all. About 30 minutes later…it just started working correctly again. Not sure if some settings took a while to update…etc. But I had changed nothing on it prior.

This is common behaviour of battery - report keep changing when it’s about to die off.

I asked about wired zigbee devices near by as this is a good thing. You may not be getting a good zigbee signal. I had the same issue you did. Installed a couple Iris plugs, no issue since.

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That is a great tip. Iris plugs will repeat/boost z-wave as well as zigbee

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