SmartThings notifications pushed to Smart TV help needed

Hi All

Looking for some support please.

I have already searched this forum and the web around my question…I found a few things but nothing has worked for me so far.

I saw one thread about sending notifications using GitHub integration to ST API/IDE but this is far too confusing and too detailed for me

I am just wondering if somebody out there has the knowledge please to provide me with a basic step by step on how I can do the following…

I would like to push SmartThings notifications to my Samsung Smart TV

What I mean by this - (a bit of background) I have the Samsung SmartThings V2 Hub, and I also have Bulbs, Sockets, Motion Sensors, Multi-Purpose Sensors etc…

I have set multiple automations using the SmartThings app, i.e. when motion detected in hallway, swith on hallway light…, when front door ring bell pressed, flash lights … and so on.

Now…When these things happen (e.g. someone rings my ring doorbell)…I get the automation, and I receive a notification on my Samsung smartphone, telling me ‘someone is at your front door’…

How do I get this notification to display on my Smart TV?

It’s also worth pointing out that I believe my TV is capable of doing this in some way because…I also have a Samsung Smart Washing Machine …and when a cycle is completed, a notification DOES appear on my TV saying ‘Washing Machine - Cycle Completed’ and disappears after about 30 seconds…

How come this notification appears on my TV via SmartThings, but no other notification does?

I have multiple other devices connected to SmartThings and lots of them are Samsung products…so how do I get my SmartThings notifications to display or be pushed to my Samsung Smart TV?

If someone could provide a basic step by step tutorial I would greatly appreciate it.

I have tired speaking with SmartThings support but they were not much help unfortunately.

I am technically minded…but all this CoRE/Git/API is foreign to me and is far to complicated to follow, having to type in endless codes in the hope I don’t break anything in the process…

Hope someone can help please

The devices I am using are…

Samsung Smart TV , Model UE65MU9000
Samsung SmartThings Hub V2
Samsung Galaxy S8+ (SmartThings and SmartThings Classic both installed)
Logitech Harmony Elite + Hub

Many Thanks In Advance

Unfortunately just because your TV is capable does not mean SmartThings takes advantage of it…
Feel free to read the ongoing saga below as this effects your model as well.

I’m looking into Caavo for this functionality as it supports notifications via IFTTT, but idk how well it will work in general yet.

There is an app called Notifications for Android TV. I use it on my Sony smart TV, and the notifications (including images) pop up in the upper right of the TV screen. It connects via my WiFi to my android control tablet.

I don’t know whether it would work on the tv you have.

If you have comcast xfinity you can use the app stringity to push notifications to your tv.

Did you ever find a solution for this? I just bought a brand new TV and it is acting exactly the same.

I’m also looking for solution for this. My washing machine notifications show up on my TV, and I’m able to push Smartthings notifications to my mobile devices via the Rest API, but they do not show up on my TV.

See: SmartThings notifications via API on TV