SmartThings notifications via API on TV

When using the SmartThings REST API for pushing custom notifications to a locationId, I receive the notification on my mobile devices, but not on my Samsung TV with SmartThings integration.

Whereas if my Samsung washer is ready, I do receive an automatic SmartThings notification on my Samsung TV.

Any ideas why notifications send via the API won’t show up on my TV.

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Hello, @Gerard_Van_de_Berg

Normally Samsung appliances will be connected as part of a service from the Samsung side, but in the end they’ll run independently of other brand’s appliances at SmartThings.

For more information about your Samsung integrations check the official Samsung forums.

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What country are you in?

The Netherlands

Ok, in the EU, it is illegal to cover up any part of a live television broadcast, which is intended to prevent censorship. That’s why “picture in picture” doesn’t work there. It has to be split screen or switch away from the original picture altogether. (This does not apply to phones or tablets, just televisions.)

So there may be a region issue. I’m not 100% sure this is still in effect, but I wanted to mention it in case that is the issue, since support is generally unaware of it.

Yeah, I heard about that rule on the SmartThings subreddit. But even if it is a rule that is still in effect, I doubt that it about notifications or other UI elements. Since for example the “Source” navigation menu at the bottom of the screen, also covers part of the broadcast.
Moreover, washer notifications are being shown. So it’s not like I don’t see any notifications at all.

An explanation might be that Samsung TVs only show notifications from Samsung appliances, not any other SmartThings notifications. Although that behaviour is not documented anywhere.

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