Samsung PowerBot Robot Vacuum in the UK


Does anyone have a Samsung Robot Vacuum connected and working to their ST hub in the UK? If so, can you tell me which model it is, or which other models will connect and work?


There is only this one that is Smart Home enabled and it can be integrated with SmartThings it can also work with nest and has its own IFTTT channel.

The integration with the vacuum and other smart Samsung appliances was broken in November. I don’t know if it has been fixed yet.

@aaron had been tracking it, he may know if it’s working again.

If it’s anything like the samsung washer I have … it shows up in the smart things application but in a sub section on the first screen that looks more like the smart Home app. Will take a screenshot later as it wasn’t where or how I expected it. Doesn’t show up in things like smarttiles either.

In my experience it doesn’t exactly work in the US either. I’ve got one and can’t even get it added to ST even though both work just fine individually.

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I’ve got no issues with the powerbot working with Smart Home & SmartThings. Routines work so goodbye will start the vacuum and I’m back sends it to charge.

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It won’t show up in SmartTiles. As for the dashboard view that can be a bit off.

Also depends on the washing machine - most don’t turn on the WiFi card until you either manually start the washer or enable smart control only then will it show as connected.

I have the none wifi Samsung robot working with smartthings and Harmony hub.

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Hey Richy,

I have the harmony hub. How have you done it?

When you add a device,

Brand samsung,
Model VR9000,

Activity goes like this,

1 Power on,
2 Auto

End sequence,

1 Home,
2 delay 20s
3 delay 20s
4 delay 20s
5 power off

This will work 100% of the time if the robot is in standby on the charger.
It will work 80% of the time if it’s completely turned off.
This also gives me full acces to use this with smartthings.
I also have it connected to Alex, the wife digs it when she says Alex clean my floor.

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Ok when you say full access could you set it to start when everyones leaves with presence sensors?
I’ve got Alexa as well so interested to hear it will work.

How do you connect the VR9000 to your home network?

ignore that lol, i get it now, you’re using the IR… doh!

Once you add the activity to smartthings you can use CoRe. when mode changes away to turn it on.

Does anyone know if the powerbot model number SR20K9350WK is connectable to smartthings? Or am I better off with a neato botvac.

Some people have been successful, some say it is randomly successful. Mine will never detect. I’ve had a case open with SmartThings for 6-7 months now trying to get this fixed. I email them at least monthly for an update and they’ve made it nowhere. They say they believe the difference in model number from the supported model is only color. I believe the only way to make an progress is for people to get in contact with them so they know people want it.

Pretty poor support for two Samsung products, IMO.

You might be able to use IFTTT as an intermediary that way even if ST doesn’t work like you want you can still set it to trigger at a certain time or when nobody is home. I set it up, but I never tested it.