POWERBot-E syncing with ST App but device not listed


I have the VR50R5050WK (POWERbot-E) vaccum cleaner and it had been successfully integrated with ST for an year.

It showed as offline for a couple of days in ST, so I deleted it to add it again.

And I can’t add it anymore to the app.

It is working properly with the POWERbot-E app.

I have done:

  1. Factory reset of the robot
  2. Deleted my POWERbot-E account
  3. Create a new one with a different email
  4. Unlink POWERbot-E in ST App

After that, when I go to ST app I do:

  1. Add device → Robot cleaner → POWERbot-E → POWERbot-E → Select location and room → Then enter my user/pass in POWERbot-E
  2. It says “Login success” → Then it says “Connection between SmartThings and POWERbot-E is successful. Close this page to finish setup.” → Then it says “Connected to POWERbot-E. Devices connected to this account can be controlled in SmartThings”.
  3. Then I don’t see my Robot in any rooms or devices. It’s just not there.

This is a very weird issue that is driving me crazy already. I beg you for help. Any ideas / solutions?

Thank you!


not sure if there is any helpful info in the following article:

You may want to contact Samsung support :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

I have the same issue, I can’t link POWERbot-E and SmartThings accounts. I see a message that is was successfully linked, but nothing happens. Did anyone know how to fix it?


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Olá, recentemente o meu voltou a aparecer no app smartthings porém ele continua com o status offline ao apertar o botão play, consegui solucionar criando cenas através do smartthings.