Samsung Smart Home (Connect) not working

I just got the Powerbot Wifi yesterday and while I was able to get it into smartthings and control it, It seems like updates on status are extremely delayed. For example when my house went into Away mode the bot never started and not even sure if it knew the house went into away mode. Another example was it got hung up and I didn’t even know until I opened up the Smart Home app to look then it updated Smartthings. Does anyone else have a Powerbot on smartthings?

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There’s some issues at the moment with Samsung Smart Home integration on Smartthings. If I understand correctly, the issue has been raised and ticketed. I also recently got a Powerbot Turbo and find myself with the same automation issue. Hoping we hear some update about it.

Notifications I’m still figuring out. Other household members are getting notified of the vacuum’s problems (something caught in the brush, lifted up, etc) through the Smartthings app, I think I’m only getting notified through the Smart Home app though. Still figuring that all out.


Okay, So then it’s not my bot or me which is what I was thinking.

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We have a fix in testing; it should go out in the next release or so. Hang tight!

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Same issue here, @aaron has been working it. The dirt and dust is starting to pile up.


Would the issue cause me to NOT be able to connect my PowerBot Turbo to ST? I have it connected to the Samsung SmartHome app, but can’t get it to pair with the ST app.

Yes, should be fixed in a week or 2.