Samsung Robot Vacuum Cleaner Questions (only about Samsung Robot Vacs)

Hey, everyone, I would really love some answer to these questions. I have the Samsung Hub v3 and am looking to get a robot vac. In various FB group everyone is saying their SmartThings robot vac either doesn’t connect to SmartThings, or if it does it only has the same functionality as the vacuum app.

Does anyone have a Samsung robot vac with automation with smartthings? I understand each country has different products and so on but so far I get no answer that is positive.

Ideally, I would like to set up (with the new smartthings app) a simple automation to clean the house (mon-fri) when my wife and I leave home for work and not activate when we are home. Everyone is saying it wont work and I have been on hold with samsungs hotline all day listening to their hold music that sounds like elevator music made love to a cheese grater underwater (its driving me nuts).

If you are hard set on samsung vac’s then my reply will not help, but i have been doing this for years with Roomba vacs. The easiest integration is through IFTTT. If your up for a challenge the rest980 integration fully brings in the vac into smartthings, but if your not up for running your own server the rest980 path is not for you.

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I do this with a roborock using Alexa as a man in the middle. Create a virtual garage door opener in ST, enable the roborock skill in Alexa, make a routine in Alexa that when the virtual switch opens, the vacuum turns on, and when it closes it turns off (returns to dock). Have the goodbye automation in ST open the switch and the return automation close it. Works like a charm and no need to setup your own sever or rely on IFTTT.

Im a huuuuuge fan of Neato Robotics vacs and the community provjded smartapp for SmartThings for them. I can control everything for both of my vacs in smartthings directly without use of an intermediate service like IFTTT abd get direct feeedback from the bots. The app also can automatically adjust SHM to put the house in “stay” while the vac is running to prevent false alarms from motion sensors or delat schedules based on switches and contact sensors.


where the samsung vacuum does a fantastic job the scheduling is rather challenging. I would recomend IFTTT and use a webhook to create more complex schedules. I would have to say that the neto does a better job with mapping and scheduling from my personal experience. Where neto doesn’t go directly into smartthings it offers a great app for scheduling in the smartthings classic app. If you are going with a samsung vacuum get the tip of the line not the R7040

I have two robot Samsung’s auto start every day when no one is home

Also make a scene like clean kitchen floor. Then tell google or Alexa to turn on clean kitchen