Samsung ks8500 TV as a SmartCam Webcam Monitor

(Jordan) #1


I just purchased a Samsung un65ks8500 TV and I also have a Samsung SmartCam HD Pro. I was wondering if with the Smartthings Extend, if you can use the TV as a monitor for the webcam?

I use the webcam as a baby monitor and want to set it up so that like the SmartCam app on my phone, when the camera detects motion it will pop up with the the webcam on my TV.


Please help! Can't connect Samsung TV ks8000 to SmartThings hub
(Shawn) #2

You and me both would like that answer,I was told a few days ago that there still researching and developing the extend dongle…I was told if i bought the hub I can add either of my my ks8500 tv’s as a thing. I bought the hub and it doesnt let me add either of them…frustrating and the phone app gives me a version error saying i need a v2 hub…which i have just bought v2. On the tv smartthings app says I need the dongle and wont continue setup unless extend is plugged in.


I have the 55 inch KS8500. It linked to smartthings app without a problem. my hub happens to sit right next to the TV. That might have helped. I can only control on/off, volume and picture mode through the app. However my volume is linked to a sound bar so it doesn’t actually control the volume through the app. Also, I can control on/off and volume trough my amazon echo.

(Jay S) #4

Are you sure you have a V2 hub?
I have both a ks8000 and a ks8500 and both connected instantly to the Hub.
And yes all you can do for now is on/off, picture/sound mode. Nice to tell Siri to turn on TV time and it turn my tv and dim the lights

(Jay S) #5

Also you have to enable SmartThings in the network settings

(Shawn) #6

Ok got in touch with support and they have had some customers getting the same error,had to remove hub and hard reset it and that did the trick with no problems…thanks everybody

(Jesse) #7

Same TV and soundbar setup here. I’m wondering if there’s a way for the volume control to work in the app when the soundbar is paired to the TV. In my case it’s a Samsung soundbar paired via soundconnect to the TV. I had the volume control in the ST app when I initially paired the TV to ST, but once I connected the soundbar it seems ST is confused and doesn’t report/control the volume correctly anymore.:rage: