Nu8500 tvs with smart things

I’m thinking of getting a new samsung tv. I can eather go to 75in mu8500 and continue to use my hub or get the new nu8500 65in with smart things built in. One thing im concered about is my 2016 was suppose to have hub in it but didnt. It uses connect and Bixby voice. It shows that u can see things onscreen I was lucky my ks8500 broke and they can’t fix it. Help me make a choice

Uhm…what does your question have to do with SmartThings? One has a hub and one doesn’t. But you said you already have a hub. So why would you get a new one if this one works? You’d have to set everything up again. Maybe you need to clarify your question.

I bought the 2016 for smart things where u can do most things from the tv but as we know samsung never got it to work. Now that I have a chance to get the new 2018 nu series that it says it has the hub in ib I can’t get my hd pro camera to work or the tvalso it would be nice to see my ring 2s without going into the app. I’m new to all this and is why I’m asking. I guess I’m trying to be able to make my home as smart as I can to make my home easier for me being disabled. I guess I’m asking which would be better the hub or the tv . Sorry to make it confusing

That hub is based off the new Samsung Connect app, not the SmartThings Classic app. So, it is all brand new to a lot of people. I guess if you want everything in one place then it’s a no-brainer, right? I mean, you seem to make the case for yourself.
Since the TV is so new and the app isn’t even released generally yet, you’re going to have a hard time to find anyone with a lot of experience with the combo. So, you’d def be taking a risk with the new setup. Then again, the hub alone isn’t doing what you want but you know how to use it. It could be a tough choice. And i haven’t even looked or compared prices yet, so that might be a factor as well.

Thanks Ryan after what happened with samsung didn’t fix the 2016 it makes me afraid of the new one. I thought maybe someone from smart things might reply

That’s a great theory but a very rare occurrence in my experience,