Samsung Smart TV, android tv or chromecast

Hi all!

I’m at a mental crossroad right now…

I’m about to change tv… from an old non digital 42" to something newer…

The main feature my wife wants is a dual tuner to record 2 things and watch a third, recorded, show… obviously, my goal is to be able to control the tv from smartthings…

I was thinking of going for the samsung KS8000…

I do currently have a chromecast too… just thought I’d throw that in the mix…

I live in Spain… and Samsung here says they have no idea what Smartthings is!!! :scream:

Should I go for the KS8000? Should I look into something else? what to do?

What are your thoughts?

What kind of functions do you want SmartThings to do with your TV? Native support from a Samsung TV to ST might happen sometime :slight_smile:

Are you using the tuners from the TV or will you use a settop (cable/Sat). If you want to use activities (e.q. turn on/off TV, Chromecast etc.) there is some integration with Logitech Harmony that can be used in ST.


I’ll start with the second part first:

Until now I was using a Mac Mini with a EyeTV dual tuner connected to both a 42" dumb tv and a 5.1 amplifier…

As for the Logitech integration, I’ve already got that working… and although lately (this past week?) it’s been working more and more fluently… I’m still not too convinced…

anyways! as for the first part…

Basically what I want is to have the lights, HVAC, curtains and all that to coordinate whenever I use the TV… whether it’s at 08:00 during weekdays, or at 22:00 on saturday…

oh! and if I can see a future camera from the front door if someone calls, all the better!

Happy new year everyone!!!

After some thought we went for the Samsung KS8000 49" tv… it suits most (if not all) the requirements we started out with…

I’ve seen a thread… and specifically this post: Samsung TV support in SmartThings?

Before I go head first and dive… will it still work? (I’m at work, can’t really do anything home until later today)

It did not work for me, I have a J series (2015) TV. As far as I understand, it only works for 2014 and older TV’s, but I have not tried it on my H (2014) Series.

I found a “Ping” device handler in forum and modified it to get on/off status for my J series TV. This works and I can automate lights based on if my TV is on or off.

I have not found a way to control the TV.

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Even if you get the original device handler to work on an older TV which I did, you would not be able to use it to detect the power status of the TV. It only acts one way in sending commands to the TV.
I ended up just purchasing a harmony for all my AV integration instead.

I’ve got a Harmony… but it takes forever for the “house” to figure out that the tv is on and therefore it has to turn on the “Watching TV” mode… :frowning:

I fixed that by creating a virtual switch called refresh Harmony status. Use CoRE to create a Piston to refresh Harmony and switch the virtual switch off again . Add a call to the switch in every activity.

done! (at least the part I could do at work… I’ll have to update the activities when I get home later tonight…) Thanks!

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It works really well, way better than using harmony to kick off lighting automations. I find the refresh works almost instantly. You could change the switch to a momentary button type afterwards if you don’t like the switching back off using the Piston. However, you need to use a switch devicetype to start with as the harmony hub does not work with a momentary button when you try and include it initially in the activity routine.

Ugh! I can’t get past this screen…

What device type have you used?

Virtual switch

I only hit the problem you shown when I used something that did not have a state like a momentary tile. I used a standard “Simulated Switch” from the IDE with no problems. Also, worth pointing out your screenshot shows “NO CONNECTION” that is not good.

Could it have something to do with the link between st and Harmony? What can I try?

Also worth noting your switch seems to have “no states found”.
Have you actually published your switch and initialised it yet? i.e. used it in your app?

No it will not work, this was only for the 2013 and maybe '14 TV’s but ultimately even I don’t use it on my '13 anymore since it causes my hub to consistently reboot. It is seriously deprecated code that ST removed because no one should be using it any more. In fact it has gotten so bad I should probably remove that post…

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Err… (Where’s the ‘dumb looks’ smiley when you need it?)

@Benji then… The newer 201x TV devices I saw are the way forward?

At some point there should be 2016 (and maybe '15) devices for those TV’s but right now it’s still a bit of a unknown as to what is going to be supported for Samsung TV’s. I would hold off planning any specific integration with TV’s until the ST team releases the official stuff, then we’ll know more.

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