Can the new 2016 ks8000 and ks8500 tv be controlled by smartthings?

I want to have multiple ks8000 and a single ks8500 in the same room and be able to power them on and off and select sources individually via a tablet and through an Echo. Will the internal smart hub or external smart hub be able to control these? I’m also wondering do the remotes have unique IR codes so an IR blaster such as Logitech Harmony can be used? Or is one remote going to send unwanted signal to the surrounding displays. I have been trying to get answers most of the day and haven’t gotten very far. Thanks!


Do you know?

You’ll be able to turn them on and off but not change the source. We’re still in the process of testing this integration.

Awesome thanks. Is source change/more advanced integration something that is planned? If so I’ll hold off on writing code for a while! I hope so. This will take home automation on the a/v front to the next level. Pretty much will make it affordable to everyone.

There was an API limitation that prevented us from changing sources. I’ll check in on the timeline for improving that.

That would be great. Thanks for your help.

Is there any new info on a timeline or integration plans you can provide?

Hi @Tyler, will 2015 Tizen models be able to be controls via the SmartThings Hub as well? Any ETA?

The 2015 models are compatible as well as far as being turned on remotely. We’re still testing to ensure that they can turn on reliably.

I have the 49" KS8000 which did have a built in Smarthings app informing me of a USB dongle to be released soon, however a new update for the TV has removed it , any news if and when we can order the IoT Smarthings Dongle for the TV and when the app will reappear in the samsung smart tv apps store


Is there any update on being able to add this product? Thanks.

Anything to report on this?

Curious if there are any updates on this? Can Samsung smart TVs with with Samsung smart things hub?

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