Samsung Connect Home/SmartThings WiFi Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.43.05

Great! Thanks for letting us know, we’ll be around in case you have any questions. Please, it would be awesome if you could post them in a new thread so this one is only related to the firmware release.

AFAIK, this update took a long time to be released because it required a lot of effort from the team, to make Edge available on this kind of device, not because they weren’t worth it (eg. if the support would stop)
In case the support of any device/integration will stop, the team will make a big announcement about it and with enough time to take action (something similar to the Groovy sunset), so don’t worry.

thanks @nayelyz for you fast reply… about future update i’m not worried about the end of support if we have something as same performance that can be replace wifi hub… the new aeotec actual hub is not so good… nothing even the new aeoctec hub is not good as the WIFI one who integrate MESH system…

if one day you will no longer support Wifi Hub hope you will release something like it as MESH system no as aeotec single, simple hub bridge… compare to many of HUB we can have with Wifi Hub… FYI for my self i just have 10 WIFI HUB (many of it i buy as second hand used one)… i know 10 is probably overkill and FYI not all are connected (some are in the box)… cause my house is pretty big but it’s not CASTLE!! so with Wifi Hub the only option of your HUB who support MESH System i don’t know why Aeotec release Hub without MESH integration…

Single point of HUB without MESH system is so OLD SCHOOL like 2015-2020… future is on MESH system network… so as i said i don’t worry about end support Wifi Hub and be advise long time before … but no other option are currently available to get same performance even the last aeotec one…

So really thanks to consider future developpement for wifi hub or work with aeotec or any other brand to release new smartthings WITH *MESH system ON… as the same as the wifi hub it’s…

This is highly subjective. I would wager most users on this forum prefer their wifi mesh system to be separate from their smart home hub, so they would consider SmartThings wifi as inferior to the regular Aeotec hub. Z-wave and zigbee form mesh networks on their own, so baking it into a wifi router doesn’t give much advantage. From the z-wave perspective, a light switch is just as good a z-wave network node as a wifi router.

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Everything is moving to Thread ultimately, with announcement of 1.3 today, everything will be interoperable including the border routers:

I think of the SmartThings WiFi hubs as an embarrassing incident in SmartThings past that it is best we allow them to quietly forget about.


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And for model ET-WV520 models?

I have 2 ET-WV520 in the Office and 3 ET-WV525 in my Home.

I believe that my ET-WV520 are updated!

However, my ET-WV525 are not showing it data in Groovy or in the App. It is not showing even Home Monitor information in the App. I tried ST Support (1378955), they asked lots of procedures, that I did and sent them back logs… but after this (Suchitra did not answer anything).

I am sure that my hub will not update until ST Support solve this fail in my ST Wifi hub.

Same problem here in my 525. In Groovy website no information is also available for the hub. I believe that ST Hub will be not able to receive any update in this situation.

Did you check if you had similar menus to the other models? If the device is faulty or offline, you might not see all the menus.

Yes, they should be able to guide you better, it seems yours is a particular issue, unfortunately, I don’t have the same permissions as them so, I cannot help you further.

Don’t worry, if this is the case, they should help you after solving the issue or at least redirect you to the corresponding team, just let them know your concerns so they are aware.

I got the update, so I guess I’ll try adding an edge device today and see what happens


Hi to you @nayelyz since last update I can’t no longer add more device… I receive error message says, we can’t add more than 200 devices… Why??? could you help to fix that!! Thanks you.

I’m on Android

And, have you already reached out this limit? All devices are considered including the virtual ones.

Can we please get this limit increased? I’m also practically at this limit.

look like, but im not really sure i already have 200 … i will count it 1by1… but strangly i never have this type of issue before the wifi hub upgrade… and also look like error occurs only on my android phone… i also have iphone phone (who’s for my job, not my personnal, can’t really use as personnal cause job iphone , but i try over iphone and i don’t have this issue…) >> so don’t know why error on android… ??? i already try to stop, reboot my android phone… also stop and clear cache and re-install smartthings apps it’s always the samething as error over 200 devices… >> >i do search over web about this issue and get link that look like problem occurs in 2021… and be fix after sometimes… i invite you @nayelyz to see this post…

and direct link comment from @Automated_House in nov 2021…

@nayelyz waiting for your news back

Hi to you @Wajo357 i hope the will fix it… i think issue comes since update of firmware wifi hub… cause no problem before this update… and as i comment to my last message regardind this post… it’s look like the issue already been adress and fix… like around nov 2021…

AFAIK, the 200 devices limit hasn’t been changed in general. It’s not clear why some have a different value but, if you still receive this error, please contact Customer Support, they should be able to verify if you have actually reached the limit.

It can be done by following these steps:

  1. Enter this page
  2. Click on “Support” in the upper-right corner
  3. Check if the URL includes your region. For example, en-us here:
  4. At the bottom, select “email” and describe your issue as detailed as possible.
  5. Click on “submit”

Send an email to

that is great news! I wasn’t aware of that! What about the limit on Routines? I am close to the 200 limit as well! I few months ago I reached that limit and had to simplify a lot of my routines so that I could continue to use my smart home.

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That is still there as well, I think it’s 200* considering both, routines+scenes

Can we get this limit increased? That would be great! A lot of my more advanced pistons in webcore had to be simplified to dozens of smaller routines. I’m trying to move everything to routines for the eventual discontinuation of webcore.

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