Galaxy S8 New app Samsung Connect

After add my hub in samsung connect. My hub stay offline. I remove my hub of samsung connect but the hub stay offline. I would just add my things in the new APP not restart my project. I add all my switch and he work good in samsung connect but it’s not possible connect in the smartthings app.

You cannot control both ways. You have to choose one app. Read more here…

is it possible reconnect my hub with smartthings again after remove of samsung connect

That is a question for support. The product is too new for anyone here to have ventured. After they said that you need to remove devices from the ST app, I am not about to try without knowing what I am getting into. I added my TV and it made a mess. Was killing my TV connect. I had to delete it from the Samsung Connect and everything went back to normal.

Ok , thank you, I chat with support tomorrow. Support is very for fast.