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I noticed there is a new feature on my Samsung phone call Samsung connect. There is an option to add the Hub. I input my welcome code but it said it’s already in use. Have anyone tried this feature ?

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I’d like to know about this too.

Obviously “we” have already activated our hubs. To use the welcome code again, it appears you need to do a factory reset.

A visit to this page does not address - EXISTING - installs:

I was going to jack with it but essentially your going to have to set your whole system up again. F that. I couldn’t find any new or cool features in the new app that would make it worth doing. Any reason one would want to use this new app over what we already have?

I wanted to manage things from the Cloud with my desktop and the SmartThings app on my Samsung Edge, but couldn’t make them visible, so I installed the Samsung Connect app and got the “Hub already in use”. So after stumbling around for a while, decided to remove the location from the other app and it worked! I was able to connect the hub. However, I’ve lost all of my devices and must individually reconnect each one! Good luck with that! Only one is supported by Samsung Connect but none of the others which worked with SmartThings. E.g., my Linear light dimmer switch. The Samsung Connect app catalog seems to be way too limited and the “Discovery” mode doesn’t discover anything.

I hope I can develop an app to bridge the gap.

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Now I’ve got to type more words here so that the site will let me respond.