Hub and ALL Devices Gone?!?!

So, I’m not sure exactly when this occurred, as I’ve been trouble shooting other tech stuff in my house lately…

Only two things that I know have changed in my system - firmware update at the beginning of February and I activated Samsung Connect on my phone. FWIW, I’m on a Galaxy S8.

The other day I went to add a bulb and discovered that everything was gone - neither the Hub nor any of the devices show up anywhere (SmartThings app, Samsung Connect applet, or on the web interface). Poof. Gone.

I still have the box my Hub came in, so I re-entered the code hoping for the best and got none of my devices back. Hub shows in ST, SC and web.

I spoke to support and they had no input.

Anyone have any idea what happened? Did I nuke it when I activated Samsung Connect?

Anything to do other than rebuild it?

What the hell is Samsung Connect and should I be using it instead of the SmartThings app? Or both?


I know nothing about Samsung Connect but the obvious question from me, is are you on the correct shard?
Is everything still working?

What’s a shard?

Nothing is working. Nothing is there at all!

Support had absolutely no help to offer? They are usually very good at trouble shooting these things.

  1. are your automations still working?
  2. what url are you using to login to the IDE?

Click on locations in the menu options.
Then on home.
Does your hub now appear with your devices.
If so make a note of the rule.
This is the shard/server your hub is connected to.

Support had no help to offer.

Nothing is working. There is nothing there to work right now.

The hub is there, but it’s like I just pulled it from the box. It sees my phone, but no other devices at all. Total blank slate.

Online I go to

interesting. did it let you re-setup the hub with the code?

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What do you mean?

SmartThings Support is tremendously helpful for problems within their scope (ie, does not include developer issues or unofficial device types and SmartApps).

A customer with a “disappeared” Hub should certainly receive helpful support…

Did you try what I suggested?

Not sure exactly what you are asking about setup…

When I entered the code, I can see the Hub nothing else got pulled back in.

If it let you re-add the hub with the code then whatever you had previously is most likely gone. If they had that code active in the database you would have gotten an error that it was already in use.


Anyone know how to reply with quote? Makes these threads much harder to follow…

Locations -> Home -? List Devices shows no devices.

Looking at the List Events and List Notifications I see some interesting things.

Under List Events, the first event shown in on 2/22 and shows “Security app unistalled” which leads me to believe whatever happened, happened then.


Not sure what to tell you :slight_smile:

Support didn’t have any info on why it happened, and the only advice they could give me was to rebuild my network.

I think this is related to me activating Samsung Connect on my phone…

Highlight the text you want to copy/quote. Then a greyed out text box will appear that says quote. Click on it and a box will open with the quote in it.

As per @Automated_House has said , did you put the code in again? If so, then I would agree and suggest you have reinitialised the hub and will have to start from scratch.

Cool - thank you! Although I should have thought to put the tags in myself…

I did put the code in again, and it took it, which means it wasn’t recognized on the ST back end.

I’m a little hesitant to put the time in to completely rebuild the system without understanding what happened.

Does anyone know anything about making sure Samsung Connect and SmartThings app play nicely together?

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If you activated your SmartThings hub after May 2017, then they should be interchangeable since you would have a Samsung login

Which makes me think. Was your Samsung phone account different than your smart things account?

Based on what I see on Amazon, I should be after that May date.

I’m almost entirely positive that I used the same email address for my Samsung account associated with my phone and the SmartThings hub.

Passwords are different though…

This is bizarre. And they are also apparently changing something else with the different apps…

I wonder if you somehow have two different samsung account with the same email address and the hub setup under both. When you use , does it say SmartThings account or Samsung on the second screen?

The screen with the picture of a computer screen? That one says SmartThings in a couple of places…

This screen