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Samsung Air Conditioner shown as offline, WiFi connection unstable, restart needed

Hi there,
Wi-Fi Issues.

I have 3 Samsung Air Conditioning units type ARNXWS* for home use: 2 x 12000 BTU, 1 x 9000 BTU.

I have bought the first 12000 BTU unit 2 years ago, and after a lot of issues and a lot of updates of the Smart Things iOS control app, I got into a stable phase for remote controlling my appliances.

Now 2 weeks ago I have bought to more units, same model range, both with wifi.

My boy, this “newer units” I need to unplug from power and restart everyday.
After 1 day they both show as offline in my SmartThings app.

One of them is placed in the same room as my UniFi UAP-AC-PRO. WTF, and out of the blue it loses connection and appears as offline in my list (fortunately I am home and I can see the unit continues operating).

Do you encounter such stability issues? Is this a firmware issue (I do not experience this connectivity drops with the older unit bought 2 years ago)?

Is there anyway I can upgrade the firmware or report this issue?

Thank you,


ST App:

Older Model, firmware pretty much stable:

JPG Hi, I’m new to this forum, since I have installed a new aircond 2 weeks ago. I’m experiencing loss of wifi connectivity. First I thought it was because the wifi is switched off during the night, but yesterday a unit went offline during the day.
This is the version wich is installed:

To restore the connection I have to press and hold the “Timer” button on the remote controller and wait until the “AP” funciton timeout.

Any suggestion will be very appreciated.

Thanks Paolo for the ideea, I will try getting them into AP mode (however I am afraid to trigger the setup mode, where I need to configure the appliance again)

Newer Model, the ones (9000 BTU & 12000BTU) with connectivity issues:

@paolodic I remember that 1 year ago, I have made a setting to my WiFi router, to allow the Samsung Air Conditioner to only connect to the 2,4GHz wifi (and not both 2,4 GHz & 5 GHz).
But now with 3 units in total, it is hard for me to identify them on my WiFi devices list.

Same problem here: two devices which sporadic go offline. Thank you Paolo for your workaround which replaces permanent re-registering of the devices.

Exactly the same thing for me too, could it be a WiFi 5/2,4 GHz issue? Anyone have this issue with 5 or 2,4 WiFi only?

Same problem here. I have only 2,4 GHz wifi. At first getting to AP mode helped but now it doesn’t anymore.