Samsung Air Conditioner shown as offline, WiFi connection unstable, restart needed

Hi there,
Wi-Fi Issues.

I have 3 Samsung Air Conditioning units type ARNXWS* for home use: 2 x 12000 BTU, 1 x 9000 BTU.

I have bought the first 12000 BTU unit 2 years ago, and after a lot of issues and a lot of updates of the Smart Things iOS control app, I got into a stable phase for remote controlling my appliances.

Now 2 weeks ago I have bought to more units, same model range, both with wifi.

My boy, this “newer units” I need to unplug from power and restart everyday.
After 1 day they both show as offline in my SmartThings app.

One of them is placed in the same room as my UniFi UAP-AC-PRO. WTF, and out of the blue it loses connection and appears as offline in my list (fortunately I am home and I can see the unit continues operating).

Do you encounter such stability issues? Is this a firmware issue (I do not experience this connectivity drops with the older unit bought 2 years ago)?

Is there anyway I can upgrade the firmware or report this issue?

Thank you,


ST App:


Older Model, firmware pretty much stable:

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JPG Hi, I’m new to this forum, since I have installed a new aircond 2 weeks ago. I’m experiencing loss of wifi connectivity. First I thought it was because the wifi is switched off during the night, but yesterday a unit went offline during the day.
This is the version wich is installed:

To restore the connection I have to press and hold the “Timer” button on the remote controller and wait until the “AP” funciton timeout.

Any suggestion will be very appreciated.

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Thanks Paolo for the ideea, I will try getting them into AP mode (however I am afraid to trigger the setup mode, where I need to configure the appliance again)

Newer Model, the ones (9000 BTU & 12000BTU) with connectivity issues:

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@paolodic I remember that 1 year ago, I have made a setting to my WiFi router, to allow the Samsung Air Conditioner to only connect to the 2,4GHz wifi (and not both 2,4 GHz & 5 GHz).
But now with 3 units in total, it is hard for me to identify them on my WiFi devices list.

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Same problem here: two devices which sporadic go offline. Thank you Paolo for your workaround which replaces permanent re-registering of the devices.

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Exactly the same thing for me too, could it be a WiFi 5/2,4 GHz issue? Anyone have this issue with 5 or 2,4 WiFi only?

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Same problem here. I have only 2,4 GHz wifi. At first getting to AP mode helped but now it doesn’t anymore.

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I have recently tried smartthings on my new 5ticks virus doctor ac. Frankly speaking, concept is good but not user friendly nor practical.

  • firstly, as per above posts, the ac just become offline for no reasons. Support can blame on wifi but the point is with other mobile devices, there is no such issue. The workaround to hold Timer to enable via AP is like “… Hmm… should I just use remote control first or wait few minutes to turn on via phone…?”

  • secondly the ac settings were not auto preserved. Each time the smartthings app turn on the AC need to reselect preferred setting. We can personalised setting under “my wind”, but this menu also need to select every time we turn on ac. Furthermore the menu embed deep under ac>setting>mywind which is 3 clicks away and each click latency is about 1-2sec… sadly, even with My Wind, setting such as Purify and Auto-clean is impossible to Preset.

It’s sad that the current trend is that in order to beat the competition, things are launched half-baked or unpolished. Other cheap brands we can understand but not at Samsung’s price point.

In short, better to use remote control.

However with smartthings I do enjoy features like,

  • monitoring temperature of different rooms
  • lower ac speed when my child is sleeping in room while I am in the living room watching TV.

remote turning on ac when outdoor is cool when really need the feature. And provided ac don’t go offline. Also only if it is worth wasting the electricity to leave the router+fibre+mesh AP all turned on when no one is at home. It is contradicting actually, we buy 5ticks to save electricity, but to leave wifi on for hours when nobody is home.

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Same problem, 9 AC units, 1 TV, please help.

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Quick update.
I have changed the settings of the uap-ac-pro access points to a fixed channels. The Unifi Access Points were automatically change the wifi radio channel for optimum throughput and low interference.
The samsung air cons, do not lose connection so often aymore.

However the samsung air cons are the only devices in my home experiencing this problem. Very unstable. I cannot rely on my Samsung SmartThings to control my house when I am away. it’s a lotery. It’s a shame. Because the price I paied is not cheap. People sugested Daikin, and I might give it a try next time.
However now I am stuck with 3 Samsung Units :slight_smile:

It is not clear to me:

  • how to update the samsung aircon firmware, or even if there is such option (IF they’ll deliver a more stable update for wifi)
  • if installing a SmartThings hub will make the setup more reliable. Reading on the samsung website, the Hub is for integrating other “smart home devices” into the the SmartThings ap

Also the lag when controlling the devices via the app is unbearable. Always a couple of second to change temperature, fan or other options.

My experience so far with Samsung, Netatmo, Eve (Eve is stable but bluetooth only) is such a let down. It’s nice when it works, but way to much “luck” is factored into the equation.

I feel we are just the pioneers (or better said guineea pigs) of the Smart Home revolution :slight_smile:

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Here some updates of my situation.
After beeing away for 3 weeks, the 3 units did loose the connectivity (as expected…).
No way to re-establish the connection by simply switch on the units with the IR remote control.
So I decided to restart the configuration from the scratch:
-new wifi network on 2.4 GHz only, with the idea to move this network to a “Guest” network later on (I have Unifi AP-AC-LR)
-new Samsung account
-Started to configure the first unit, but no way to change to the new network
-Restart the configuration with the old network and it works

With the Unifi controller software I see the following issues:
-Regular degradation of the signal strength 90%->50%->25%->10%
-Massive increments of association failures: from 3-4 per day, to 200 per day

As suggested by Raz, I will try to disable the automatic channel change on this access point.

Does anyone know how to reset the wifi configuration? It seems to me that once it is confugured, there is no way to change that.

Btw, I discovered that I can see the my units on the web, with the smarthings account:


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Hello, I have exactly the same problem: newer samsung ac units have very unstable wifi connection, scheduling via smartthings is very unreliable :frowning: is there any solution?

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Hi, same issue here?
Exactly as described by everyone.
When is this going to be fixed?


So far here I got AC from Samsung, it is WIfi model with wifi support, and I can’t even get it to connect with the smartthings app… is is so frustrating that you can’t use that what you paid for. Please Samsung ! Do your homework ! Such a pitty case :confused:

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Just to input more information, I have a Samsung AddWash that also has Wifi:

And it connects to the same router-wifi as the Air conditioner and it works perfectly.
The issue is not on the Home Router or Wifi but on the Smarthings App or Air conditioner.

The first complaints are now 5 months old and Samsung did nothing.
They are aware of this thread but do nothing.
Is time to file a complaint on the legal authorities for broken features and false advertising.

Hi, looks like the Air conditioner controller was updated. Looks like the disconnect issue is now better.
Still not perfect, because sometimes I have to open/close the App twice to interact with the device.

Hi, thanks for the info! Does that mean the firmware in the wifi module was updated? over the air? did you have to initiate it somehow, or did it happen by itself?

Thank you everyone for keeping the thread alive.
I have had less problems since turning off wifi channel optimization.

But it still happens.

Just right now one of my air-con is shown offline. I am traveling but will need to unplug it from power and power cycle it to come back online.

I am also very curious how the firmware update works.

I am afraid it will brick the device.

HNY to all!

Same issue here. Unit disconnects from wifi; only reconnects if I power cycle it. Interestingly, it continues to run on the schedule that I set for it in SmartThings even when I can’t access it from my phone.

I believe someone asked earlier in the thread if using a ST hub improved performance. Has anyone tried that? I’m not fond of the idea of buying yet another piece of equipment to make this thing work, but if it will give a stable connection I’m willing to give it a try.

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