Connect to older Samsung air conditioner?

I’ve got a somewhat older Samsung air conditioner.
We’ve got new phones and the Samsung smart condition app is not supported.
At the air conditioner product website AR09FSFKBWTN | Samsung Support Sverige (in swedish)
It’s stated that at common topics: How do I connect to SmartThings on my air source heat pump?
With link to instructions on how to connect.

Is it just wrong information that the air conditioner is not supported or what am I doing wrong?
I set the air conditioner to AP. It doesn’t show in the app. I can connect to it’s network SMARTAIRCON (the password isn’t 1111122222) but the app seem but to recognize that’s it’s a valid network. It’s not stated in the examples.

Anyone that’s got it working or just accept to dig out an old phone just to connect to the air conditioner?
It’s not that big deal, but I’ve a start/stop schedule programmed via the app that I want to remove…


My only suggestion is to make sure your phone is connected to the same 2.4 gh (not 5 gh) wifi network as your AC is.

Hello Mathias,
I have the same device and the same issue.
Did You manage to solve the issue?