Samsung Air Conditioner shown as offline, WiFi connection unstable, restart needed

Good afternoon. Any news regarding the instability with the AC’s in Smartthings?

Hi Folks. Looks like I have a solution for you. The air conditioners unlike the dryer or washer have this function to be turn on via the smartthings app. That means they have to be constantly connected to the network. I’ve had the same problem as you describe with all 4 air conditioner units… until I set the static ip address for all of them manually. Simply connect the air conditioner via the app and reserve the ip on the DHCP table. It should resolve the problem.

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You mean reserve IP on the router? IT did not help for me.
I could not find how to set AC to static IP instead of DHCP. Is it possible?

For that my suggestion is that you will restar your air conditioner and after doing this if you check the problem will arise again just connect with ac repair dubai, and solve your problem easily. When I faced some issue, from there I solved the problem easily by their help.

Hi since my last post the AC never went offline again. It look like is more stable now.

Faced with the same issue. Bought two devices: AR7500T and AR9500T. After each router reboot both conditioners became offline in the application. The issue is still there. Thinking about refund as bought them because of this function.

Setting a static IP to the AC did NOT solve the issue.