Anyone have the samsung air conditioner working with ST?

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If anyone is using one I’d love to ask you a few questions! - (The smart wifi models that are supported by smartthings)

i am in the market for either central ducted or a split system (ideally multi). Would you recommend these units for use with smartthings? how does it go with the smart apps i.e thermostat director? or similar?

Can you disable the beeps/tones on the unit when it’s controlled via smartthings?

Do you know if there are any multi head units available or going to come out?

Do you know if it’s just the smart wifi models that are compatible? I can purchase this one here in Australia and it has smart wifi - but i have no idea if it will work with smartthings?

thank you


I’m in AU as well. I have a ST v2 hub and a Samsung Smart WiFi AC unit and they do not talk to each other at this stage. The device can only be controlled via the app available on the Play store that is specific to controlling Samsung AC units. There is a guide here for adding some of these smart Room ACs from different regions to the Samsung Smart Home app first, before adding it to ST. This does not work with the unit I have. It does say it only works in specific regions and the model I have isn’t on the list of compatible UK and US models. I was hoping it would work as I understand it to be essentially the same tech…

Here is the guide i was referring to:

I am waiting for this integration eagerly as well. I’d hate to have to spend another ~$200 on a Sensibo or a similar device given how much this unit cost me to begin with. It’s really frustrating that they can’t integrate the AU units (or release ST hub in AU!), given that they’ve shown it works with essentially identical models in different regions…But hey, cant really complain much - the ST hub hasn’t been released here yet.

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thanks for the info! It would really suck to have to use sensibo to get your samsung air con working with smartthings! quite frustrating !

I’m gone down the path of not relying on the integration and am going to look at doing central hvac that will work with a nest like thermostat.

i’m sure they’ll get them working in Aus soon tho - i hope so!


I’m not sure exactly which models, but some of the Samsung air-conditioners have an IFTTT channel and you could use that for indirect integration


Thanks mate. I am yet to integrate anything using IFTTT, but I think I’ve been putting it off long enough. This looks like might be a good reason to dive in!

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The ones sold here aren’t compatible with ifttt from what my research showed. But check it out


Spot on Joel. Looks like a pre-requisite to get the AC working with IFTTT is to have it added to the Samsung Smart Home account - which would make it work with ST directly (going by what that guide I liked to earlier).

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one day everything will just work and we won’t have to discover answers via forums :slight_smile:

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Does the Samsung Smart Whisper WiFi 2016 heat pump work with ST/IFTTT?


The page suggests that the unit is controlled via the Samsung Smart Home app, which would indicate that yes, it can work with ST.

That being said, in my experience, the Samsung Smart Home App has been far from perfect and a very poor implementation - reading the reviews on the play store would indicate the same. I bit the bullet and bought a Sensibo kit, and I can not be happier with my decision. In my humble opinion, the Sensibo systems in one of the best implemented automation devices I’ve had an opportunity to play with, in its own right, and works well with ST. It was easier to set up and works faster & more reliably with my Samsung Smart AC, than it’s own native Samsung app.


Hate to be that guy, and sorry in advance for digging up this year and a half old thread, but did anyone get anywhere with this?

I bought the samsung “smart” mini split knowing Id get into HA one day and I’d already read up on ST and thought this the way to go. Now I have my ST hub and lots of attached devices around my home, but the one Samsung device I have which is smart will not connect!

I have it working with the PoS Smart Air Conditioner app from the play store, but using samsung connect app, it never detects the indoor unit when its in AP mode. I believe this is the missing link to get it working.

If this is not possible, is there no way of swapping out the wifi card from to a compatible unit?

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A few Montes ago it works… … but now its imposible, it stuck on Im looking for a samsung room ac availibility of appliance subjet to region