Routines and Time Issue


For a few days now my Hub has been triggering routines on the wrong time… IE: My Good Night is set for 8PM and its triggering around 3PM… I look at my hub and is set for the right time zone…
I did notice that my last activity as per the SmartThings IDE site the last activity was at 2017-10-15 8:37 PM UTC
30Min ago that’s when the routine triggered…

Any ideas?

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Take your pick…

And there are a few more…

Read the ST status page for resetting Routines/Smartapps.


Aha! Thanks!

I have the same exact issue. For about 3 Days now my routines trigger 7 hours early… I have a door check at 9PM it triggers at 2PM, goodnight at 11PM is triggering at 4PM.

Did resetting routines fix your issue?

Be sure to contact support and report this…

Same problems here 3rd day in a row

Same issue. Mine is running 5hrs early.

Yep, this started happening for me too. Gah, so frustrating!

You guys are just going to have to adjust your personal schedules to match the new routine times… go to bed earlier, rise earlier, etc. LOL. Just having some fun! :wink:



Same issue here, anyone discover a fix or is this still too new?

See above.

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You need to reinitialize your SmartApp and routines to get it to correct the schedule:

New Incident Status: Monitoring
We have resolved the issue causing scheduled SmartApps to execute early, but many SmartApps may still be scheduled for the incorrect time. After running once, the schedule will be set for the correct time moving forward.

However, you can manually force the schedule to update to the correct time by going to the ‘Automation’ page in the SmartThings app, navigating to ‘SmartApps’, tapping on the SmartApp you need to re-schedule, and simply hitting ‘Done’ on the upper right. If it’s a Routine, you can do the same by going to the ‘Automation’ page and tapping the gear icon, then tapping ‘Done’ on the upper right.
Oct 14, 20:08 EDT