DST on the new platform? (2023)

Just a question, I live in one of the lovely areas of the United States that falls back in the Fall and my automations aren’t running at the correct time now. They’re an hour late. I know there have been posts about this in the past, I was just hoping with the new platform this would work as it should. I don’t even see anything in the advanced screens that show the time anymore, just the location coordinates. I rebooted my hubs this morning, but my evening sunset routines were still an hour late. Any way to make this more inline with the time change?

they will sync up within 24 hours so you should be fine tomorrow. My Routines ran at the correct times today. Only hiccup was my shades opened and then closed this morning but closed properly this evening.

just curious - Routines or Smart lighting?

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Routines, my shades closed an hour late. I have some lights turn on at dusk as well, also late.

They should be back to normal tomorrow.

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My Routine to turn on lights at sunset fired at the correct time on Sunday evening.

All my morning routines ran on the correct schedule, you were correct.


Today, my internet was down and none of my morning routines ran. :frowning: Not sure what happened today, got the internet back up, I’ll see if the evening routines run. heavy sigh.

Routines only run if they are local and not cloud based. If you see the little house icon on the Routine tile then it is running locally on your hub.


I was going to check that, I can’t remember if that one is local or not.

Ok, I figured it out. I had a virtual switch on a second hub that was forcing my routine to not be local. I created a new vswitch on the primary hub and that made the routine local again. Should work now. Sometimes you just need to think it out - out loud.