Time based events happing 1hr later than scheduled

Last week I had to factory reset my V2 hub and start from scratch. It is all working OK other than timed events are occurring an hour later than scheduled.

For example, my “Good Morning” routine is set for 7:30am, but triggers at 8:30am - and my daughters night light is set to come on in Smart Lighting at 7pm, but it actually happens at 8pm.

I have performed the following:

  1. Changed my hub location using the drop pin, to a country with a different time zone, and then moved it back to my location in the UK.

  2. Checked my time zone in the IDE. It is set to: Time Zone Europe/London

  3. Looked at the live logging in the IDE. All logs have the correct time stamp.

I’m not sure if there is a way to change the Daylight Saving settings?

Sounds like the same issue that has effected a lot of users. Most are activating early instead of later, but your location being in the UK probably has something to do with that. My good morning routine turned on lights four hours early. There are several threads on this topic and ST is aware if the issue.

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ST’s been having and issue but they appear to have fixed it see this:

New Incident Status: Monitoring
We have resolved the issue causing scheduled SmartApps to execute early, but many SmartApps may still be scheduled for the incorrect time. After running once, the schedule will be set for the correct time moving forward.

However, you can manually force the schedule to update to the correct time by going to the ‘Automation’ page in the SmartThings app, navigating to ‘SmartApps’, tapping on the SmartApp you need to re-schedule, and simply hitting ‘Done’ on the upper right. If it’s a Routine, you can do the same by going to the ‘Automation’ page and tapping the gear icon, then tapping ‘Done’ on the upper right.
Oct 14, 20:08 EDT

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Yes that makes sense as I noticed that the hub seems to run in UTC mode (IDE > My Hubs > Last Activity at …UTC) which is -1hr GMT, but is probably +5hrs for most of USA

Wow awesome. What is the link to that status page? I wiped my hub a few days back because I was having problems with Arlo integration. The wipe didn’t fix the issue, but magically the next day it started working again. Would be handy to know what issues Smartthings are having.


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They don’t post everything there, but they do usually post problems which are affecting most users.

You can also check the first bug reports page in the community – created wiki.


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