Issues after Hub Update yesterday

anyone else having issues after the upgrade?

I have lights being triggered in the night when they shouldn’t be triggering on motion sensors. To me it seems like the hub has the wrong time as all my lights are triggered with time and motion.

I’ve removed the battery twice and power cycled but still having the same issues.


I have not heard this form other customers… if you havent already - can you reach out to and they can check out some Hub logs for you?


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I have had this same behavior pretty much every time after an update… wrong time for sunset only on some smartapps and lights coming on during the day when I open the door etc. I have reported it multiple times but got no response… For me a reboot has fixed it.

Same here! Since the day before yesterday time based events don’t trigger anymore… As well for routines as for smartapps. Contacted support, no answer yet… Hub reboot doesn’t help. Bummer…

Are people still having issues? my routines are still not working, will try a reboot and see if it helps.

Yes I’m still having issues, I reached out to SmartThings like they suggested and got nowhere. I’ve worked out my routines that are due to trigger sunset - 8pm are all being triggered regardless of the time, day or night as well as the routines that should be triggering at their correct times. I’ve deleted the sunset - 8pm (which shouldn’t be triggering at all this time of year as sunset is 2103) and things seem to be working ok now.

where were you Aaron?

@mjelves Sent a DM

Couple things to note:

  1. Try a hard reboot (unplug and remove batteries for a minute)
  2. Confirm you are setting up/re-saving automations in the same time zone as the Hub is currently in

For me the issue has disappeared after saving/defining all my routines and rules again …

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