Smartthings just ran an automation 4.5 hours early and shut off lights

This is getting worse and worse. Random Automations running, multiple outages. Im bailing I think.
Just stupid to have your house go on and off randomly. Its a joke and a huge failure. Starting a search for non-internet automation tonight!
Bye Samsung. You suck! And after faithfully owning every product from phones to TV’s, I am hanging up.

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Contact support if you haven’t already:


For me there is a 7hr differential, which happens to be UTC (meaning the events happened at the right numerical time, but in the UTC timezone instead of my America/Los_Angeles timezone).

yeah, its crap. My daughter fell d9wn the stairs on her way to homecoming because of this cheap ass shit.

Same here. Started yesterday. Today I did what was told by tech support and went into all of my routines and re-saved them. Didn’t do shit, still turned off all my lights some 6 hours early. My alarm also got triggered when I got home.

It was working great for a year and then they decided to randomly break things to thin out their customer base. Disappointed.

I went out to check on the grill, opened the door to get back in the house and was greeted by the siren and flashing lights… seems like SHM got armed hours ahead of time

apparently schedules we set are merely suggestions and ST can and will do on their own timelines…

Same here…time is running in utc…This needs a true fix quick.

SmartThings DEVs

You might want to put in a patch somewhere quick to force ST to jump ship on UTC and follow adjusted time temporarily. If ST is forced to pass UTC in favor of local time this will fix.

This will fall under a security failure and should probably be elevated due to home systems alarm arm/disarm time.

I have a routine that activated 4 hours early also.

I’m glad I checked here before doing much hardware checking.
For 3 days some things come on at the wrong time, after a few months of working fine. Today my Basement Fan and Upstairs Fan came on at 10 AM instead of the 2 PM in the Automation. The Notification even says 10 AM. I thought of Time Zone (I’m Eastern US, -4 hours) so I looked for a clock setting but could not find one. So went online and it appears the clock is on the ST WebsiteCloud, TZ is correct, Time is set correctly using GMT that is displayed on the web page.

Waiting to see if ST fixes Time Zone confusion.

Wishing I had not retired my old X-10 Home Control System that ran 31 years without changing On time!

See this message from ST:

New Incident Status: Monitoring
We have resolved the issue causing scheduled SmartApps to execute early, but many SmartApps may still be scheduled for the incorrect time. After running once, the schedule will be set for the correct time moving forward.

However, you can manually force the schedule to update to the correct time by going to the ‘Automation’ page in the SmartThings app, navigating to ‘SmartApps’, tapping on the SmartApp you need to re-schedule, and simply hitting ‘Done’ on the upper right. If it’s a Routine, you can do the same by going to the ‘Automation’ page and tapping the gear icon, then tapping ‘Done’ on the upper right.
Oct 14, 20:08 EDT

i am having the EXACT same problem! i have blinds set to open at 11am, and they opened at 6am.

i have music set to start playing at 10:30am, and it started playing at 6:30am.

lights are turning on hours before they are supposed to.

motion sensors aren’t triggering lights anymore.

everything was working 100% FINE a week ago. smartthings is broken!

Wow, my light schedules have been running wrong too. I thought it was my wife doing it from her phone. Nothing like a stable product.

i have to tell you what really pisses me off… i was sleeping and smartthings said i left my house [iphone proximity] and ran ‘goodbye!’ then 2 minutes later ran ‘i’m back!’ and opened my garage at 4am while i was sleeping. i didnt notice the garage was open for 5 hours after. someone could have broken into my home very easily…

smartthings support just brushed me off. this is a beta product.

I received an email yesterday telling of the problem, then one that it was fixed, but my outside lights were on at noon. So I shut them off, and then they went on at the correct time.


I’m pretty sure that SmartThings has successfully fixed this, except for the possible requirement for individual customers to individually “update” (via the IDE or via the SmartApp / Automation / SmartApps … “DONE” method).

This seems very similar to the Daylight Savings scheduling meltdown of a year (or was it 2 years) ago, but much less severe.

The manual remedy steps of the first paragraph are the only serious inconvenience, and I suspect/presume that if the particular automations ran / run automatically but at the wrong time once, they will pick up the correct time for the next invocation automatically.