Issues with Timezone and Routines

I have my hub in US and for time being, I am in Europe. There are other 3 members who are in US and they also have app installed. Due to travel, I have my phone set to Europe timezone and all of my automations are running based on the Europe timezone and not US timezone. I am not an admin on SmartThings account and I cannot figure out why this is happening. Looking for some help. Thanks in advance.

From what I remember, automation/routine times are based on the time on the phone they are being created from. Except for sunset/sunrise times, those are based on the coordinates for the location setup in the app.


It seems that once upon a time it was decided that Automations/Routines would be saved with the current timezone of the mobile app. Every comment I’ve seen from users about this has been to the effect that it doesn’t make any sense and that times should always be in the timezone of the SmartThings Location being used.

I was hoping this wasn’t still a thing. However I also thought the Routines had to have been saved to make the timezone change.

As for not being an admin, it seems to be the case that anyone added to a SmartThings Location can do pretty much anything. There may be things restricted to the owner of a Location but I can’t remember what.

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Those routines were created by another account and not mine. If I keep my phone in US time zone then it is working as expected.

Shouldn’t the hub’s location dictate these routines?

did you edit the routines at all?

I didn’t after coming to Europe. I had modified when I was in US

Are you saying that they change with your phone’s timezone?

Dare I ask what happens if one of the other Members changes their timezone away from and back to the US timezone while yours stays in Europe?


I can ask one of my family members to try that out.

Other member changed the timezone while in US and those routines started execution under that timezone.