Routine tab appeared after support email but disappeared which clicked

I opened a support ticket as my Routine tab was missing from my classic app. This morning I opened the App and the Routine tab had been added however when I clicked the tab it disappeared and never returned. I am on Apple OS.
I have downloaded an older (2.17) version of the app on an Android tablet and the Routine tab is present but when I click on Add Routine I get an error message saying Routines cannot be used.

The reason I want the Routines working is I want to action a Routine from my Apple Watch and this is the only way I can see to do it.

Any help would be appreciated.

They deprecated routines late last year. If you dont already have them you wont be able to add any (and why your routines tab was missing.)

You’ll have to rethink the plan, Im afraid.

Ok, I reached out again to support and they escalated it up the chain. I received an email this morning to let me know my routine tab was back. I had a look and there it was. Now I can make a routine and control it from a complication on my Apple Watch. Thanks to Smartthings support.