Routines Tab Gone

I had a routine that was still automating even though I had deleted it from the SmartThings Classic app. I located and deleted it from the SmartThings web browser API. Now when I go back into the app, all of my routines including the routines tab itself is gone. Any help on how to get it back would be greatly appreciated.

Check to see if you have the latest version of the Classic app installed.

There are other similar posts with the problem. I read that 2.18 was to update to the classic (V2) app to ease the transition to the New V3 app. Routines aren’t used in the V3 app. If you go back to 2.17 from the mirror APK site the tab should be back to where you can create a routine to hold the Routine tab if the device goes back to 2.18. Now, for IOS, I am not sure how/if you can downgrade the app as I use only android.

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