Routine creating in smartthings mobile app

@Kiarash_Kianian Sorry for the delay, I was checking the devices in your locations and I found 2 virtual devices both using a device profile that you created but unfortunately, both don’t have a presentation which is causing the issue, because the automation option requires a presentation.

To solve your case you can do the following

In the case that you can create a custom virtual device:

  1. Create a device config, in this case, you will need to create an automation view in other to add this option on the SmartThings App, after to create it you need to update your device profile. Documenation

If you need a “standard device”:

  1. You can create it using or use the smartthings cli to create one from the available list, this process will also generate the presentation. If you encounter any issues with these methods, please let me know.
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