Smartthings Alexa

I have connected smartthings (I have a hub) with Alexa, i can see the devices but i have a couple of problems

  1. in the Alexa app I can’t see the routines created on smartthings app
  2. in smarthings app I can see 4 philips Hue lamps as “associated device” but I could not do anything with these, neither switch on or off…
    Any help

Alexa can trigger Scenes or control individual devices. It’s never, to my knowledge, supported running SmartThings automations other than Scenes.


You can create a virtual switch with vDev Controller which can be used to trigger a ST routine and Alexa can switch it on or off. The ST routine can also turn off the virtual switch at the end of the routine with a time delay.

In this example I can say “Alexa, turn on shutdown”. Multiple devices will be turned off and the shutdown virtual switch is reset to off after 5 seconds…

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Thanks that is a good work around

i thought that virtual switch could solve my problem but it seems that I could not create that
Do you think this is possible? my be due to Italian app?
I could not understand
Please help me

Do you have a SmartThings hub?

If you do there are 2 community created Edge Drivers that will create an Alexa virtual Switch. One is the vEdge Creator.

Thanks, it works fine, I have an hub since 3 weeks, this is the first ED I use, it seems to have a world to discover…