SmartThings API Rule Execution and Trigger

Hi, @Kiarash_Kianian
I think you’re referring to this conversation, right? Routine creating in smartthings mobile app - #9 by AlejandroPadilla

I don’t have more information to add to what @orangebucket mentioned because it’s complete. But, referring to that case, I remember the device profile didn’t have a presentation attached to it, so, that’s why you don’t see the option to create a routine.
If you create a device profile from the CLI, there’s a helper that allows you to select which capabilities to include and when you save it, it generates the presentation for you but only if you use the helper, if you use an input file, you will need to create that presentation and then add it to your profile’s metadata, so, I suggest you use it instead, you just need to run the command smartthings deviceprofiles and it’ll prompt you for the name and capabilities (one by one and using their ID - you can also list them and use their index number)
Or if you create them from the developer workspace, there’s an option to generate them automatically as well.
But, as Alejandro mentioned, if you don’t need to create something custom, you can use one of the standard virtual devices.