Routine features

Do we know if any further development work is being done on routines (formerly automations) in the smartthings app?
There are 2 features I’d really like which I’m having to do annoying workarounds for at the moment.

  1. the ability to control the same device multiple times in 1 routine (currently you can use it once and it disappears from the device list when you add a new action)
  2. the ability to toggle routines on or off using another routine.

I’m sure there’s loads of other features the community would like (variables, various other logic statements), but the two I’ve mentioned would be so useful to me and seem like they’d be RELATIVELY easy to implement?? Is there a process for feature requests?

No idea, but I’d imagine the benchmark is likely to be parity of capability with Smart Lighting as although Smart Lighting is a separate SmartApp it effectively feels like it is part of the app.

  1. You can access multiple device commands in one action. What do you have in mind? Turning a device on and off, or just sequencing the actions better?
  2. Currently changing the status of a Rule is not documented in the API, though clearly it is possible as the mobile apps can do it. I can imagine it eventually becoming available in the Rules API.

I can’t see either of those things happening with Routines. They are just very basic automations built into the app for convenience. They are not really that different in spirit to the Hello Home Routines of Classic SmartThings. They get you so far and then you move on to more advanced tools. Horses for courses.

You can access multiple device commands as long as they’re different devices, as far as I can tell. For example if I want to build a routine where the action is to do something with the SAME device multiple times at X second intervals, (for example, cycling through sources on an amp or TV using the same ir command, or even flashing the same light bulb on and off for 30 seconds) it can’t be done without using multiple routines or virtual switch workarounds.
Unless I’m missing something very obvious

You can do several different things with the device, but only one per attribute and all in the same action. So you could toggle a switch, press three different buttons, and set a level on the same device but you can’t do any of those things twice.

Not at all. You are just exceeding the very limited design capabilities of a single Routine. At this point you can improvise with multiple Routines, or consider using a tool that might be more suited to the job: the full Rules API; SASM/Node-RED; a custom SmartApp; or third party solutions.

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Cheers. I’m trying to keep everything in the app at the mo because of uncertainty over which 3rd party/smartapp bits are going to stop working once the old backend is turned off.
I should investigate the Rules API, but I understand it doesn’t have a GUI as such and I don’t have time to trial and error my way through writing the code at the moment (working from home with a 6mnth old baby…)

I will continue to bodge my way through with virtual devices and multiple routines.
IS there any way users can raise feature requests?

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A few ways, but to be honest at the moment between completing the transition to the new architecture (which is already behind schedule) and working on Matter compliance, they’re already swamped with their current ToDo list. I doubt if they’ll be adding anything new to it for awhile.

But as far as requesting, in order of likelihood of someone at ST actually seeing your request…

  1. put it in as a support request. That is, ask “how do
    I?” As a support question. Those at least get logged.
  1. once support tells you it’s not a current feature, ask for it on the Facebook page. Those get logged by marketing.

  2. post in the feedback section of this forum. (I’ve already moved your thread for you.) to be honest, those might never be read by an ST employee, but it’s about all you can do here, and at least other community members can join in if they agree.

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