Ring Stick Up Cam Wired Integration

Is there a way to add the new Ring stick up camera wired into my smartThings hub?

if it doesn’t come through using the Ring (connect) smart app that you’re other Ring devices use, then probably not yet.

Yep - looks like my new Ring Stick Up Cam (Wired) isn’t yet listed in the Ring (connect) SmartApp. So won’t have access to it within SmartThings just yet…

Curious if anyone has figured out better ways to automate the Motion Recording. The Ring Stick Up Cam (Wired) has a motion schedule feature in the Ring App, but I’d like to see if I can tie it to presence sensors within SmartThings. In other words:

  • When everyone leaves, enable motion recording
  • When someone returns, disable motion recording

Are there any 3rd party (IFTTT, etc.) ways to flip the “Motion Recording” switch on these Ring Stick Up Cams?


I bought one as well just assuming that it would work since my Ring doorbell did. I need something that works as a garage/cold weather motion sensor. Hoping SmartThings integrates quickly so I didn’t just throw away $180 on the cam.

SmartThings? Support for the Ring Stick Up Cam please.

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I’m working with the tech support at Ring on other items. I’ve asked how to get my stick up cam to display on SmartThings. I’ll update if he gives me that info. Thx


Exact same issue and want to do the same by connecting to samrtthings. If not added soon I have to return this camera


Add another to the list I just got 2 of them and cant add them


Well so I created a routine in Alexa that flips a virtual switch in ST to use them as motion sensors. One routine to turn it on one to turn it off. Works well actually.


Hi, can you please explain to me what this allows you to do in the native SmartThings app?

I’m trying to find an integrated, outdoor, POE camera to use and I cannot find a single one.

Thank you!

With the integration for other Ring devices, you can use the camera as a motion sensor, use the button (if it has one) or use the light (if it has one) in automations/scenes.

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I am also interested in this. I would only like to record the interior camera(s) when the alarm is set. Any thoughts if this is in the API plans for Ring Connect?


Isn’t the motion recorded from ring app already. I realize it isn’t tied to SmartThings using it that way.

I was planning on getting one for interior as well. I currently use spotlight cams in my garage and over the pool in the matter you discribe above. When I am away or night mode and motion is detected. It notifies me via push message. It always records the movement on the ring app.

just curious, as to if we can do the same with Google Home? I’m not certain my Google Home see’s the Ring Spotlight Cam or not… tho, checking my phone, it appears to see it… (it sees all my Iris webcams too, but I’m not certain that I can trigger off them any longer or not?)

Any update on Ring stick up cam to ST integration?

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They just added the battery powered spotlight. Have you tried selecting a ring device to add and see if it shows up after you login to ring?

Any update on Stickup Camera integration with ST? Would be very useful to enable recording and alerts based on alarm state or system mode.

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I’ve been waiting for a way to integrate the stick up cam for over a year now…smfh

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I have the brand new Ring Door View cam (doorbell)… I use Classic app & the only options I see are Doorbell & Doorbell pro… I tried both of the only options & get:

Any ideas? The live view works great on Ring app. So I know it’s set up. Hmmm

First rule of home automation: “the model number matters.“

This thread is about a different model.

It is not uncommon for different models to have different levels of integration.

Unfortunately, the one that you have, the door view, is not on the official compatibility list yet.

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I used the newer ST app to add my Ring cameras because it allowed me to search by Mfr, not device type. It links to your Ring account and you select which devices you want to add or remove.