Ring stick up cam - anyone got one and integrated with ST?

Wanting a camera to see when someone at door etc. Not sure on the Ring doorbell as looks a bit bulky to me.

The Ring camera looks decent, totally wireless, not sure how long in real life the battery lasts though?

It’s not showing in the ST app to integrate though which is ideally like, for example to switch on lights if detected during night.

Has anyone in UK got one, firstly what are they like, and secondly have you got it integrated into ST?


I’ve got a Ring doorbell and a stick up cam.

Ring have slowly been rolling out updates to the firmware and software and each one seems to make them better.

Although there is no direct integration yet, you can achieve the same thing using Stringify to put together an action based on the cameras triggering.

I have a rule set up that triggers my kitchen lights when the stick up can triggers when it’s nighttime and another that flashes one of my Hue Bloom lights several times when the doorbell is rung.

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Any updates on the stick up cam native integration please? Been a while.

If not what’s the best and easiest way to integrate it into SmartThings please?

I’m also looking for the same answers from the community. Has anyone integrated their Ring Stick up Cam with ST?

Also interested in an update…

+1 - I would like to know how to do this too.

@Tyler Do you know if the Ring Stick Cam can be integrated with ST ?

No, not at this time.

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Likely to be at anytime?

Why would the doorbell be integrated but the stickup cam not? They are basically the same thing, confused to say the least.

We intend to support it but it’s not being actively developed right now.

Well no, they’re not the same thing. They use similar but different APIs, and there are several backend dependencies (on Ring’s side) that need to be finished before we could support this device as a camera.

I am using Stringify right now to turn on my back porch light when there is motion detected from my stick-up cam. Someday Smartthings will catch up and have support for the stick-up cam.

I had this security camera and it was horrible. One of my worst experiences. I was considering either Arlo Pro or Ring but eventually went for Ring because I also own their doorbell. Biggest mistake of my life.

Now I own several Arlo’s and it perfectly works with SmartThings.

Any update on Stick Up Cam intergration?

FYI, if you open the Smartthings app and select to add a new Ring device the Stick up Cams are now selectable and can FINALLY be added. Once added there’s no live feed and cameras cannot be used on a automation yet but it seems that they are working on it.