Ring Stick up Cam (3.gen) Installation problem

Hello Community,

I want to add my ring security cameras (Ring Stick up Cam 3.gen battery) to my samsung SmartThings Hub V3.
First I`ve add the cameras to my ring accont with the ring app. Both work fine.

If I want to add the Ring account it shows me a installation problem.

-> “+” (add device)
-> ring
-> security cams
-> login with ring account
-> authorize smarthings

Ring (Connect)
No reported devices

ring ist reporting that you do not own any devices on this account. First add Devices in your Ring account and rerun SmartThings.

but i have already add the cameras to my Ring account?!

Can someone help me out please?

Best regards

My understanding is that Ring has not added SmartThings support for that device. I recommend contacting Ring and let them know you want this integration.

The Stick up cam [edit: v3 only] does not work directly with Smartthings at this time.

You can connect it via e.g., Amazon Echo or HomeKit/Homebridge Integration and trigger events if motion is detected though.

I have the Stick-Up Battery Cam from last year and mine works with SmartThings. I think mine is the v.2 one and not sure what they did different in this years release.

Based on the complaints from this year about Ring products that I have been researching. It is because Amazon has purchased Ring and they are no longer being “open” in supporting 3rd party products. They are creating a closed system, so you now have to buy Ring product with Alexa and only Alexa. The have stopped all Google Home integration and it looks like Samsung Smarthings is headed the same way. It’s ridiculous. And I have dropped my Prime membership, I’m tired of Amazon and their 2nd rate products. Oh and Google did almost the same thing with Nest. Closed the system , but it does allow Alexa to work with their Nest products.

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