Ring stick up cam integration

I have a ring video doorbell and have it integrated into my smart things, so when it detects motion it turns on lights, locks door etc. same thing with when somebody rings tghe doorbell… anyway im wanting to buy one or two of the stick up cams to do the same, is it possible yet for me to do the same kind of smart lighting smartapps with the stick upcam?


I already have both a Ring Doorbell and a Stickup Camera in a palm tree oit front. The doorbell is integrated with Smartthings, but not the camera. Hoping Ring will help with this soon.

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I have a similar situation, I went with the Ring Stickup Cam because I just assumed it would work with SmartThings since the doorbells work. My mistake. Also I didn’t want to get Nest or Arlo and have to pay higher/another company for cloud recording.
To trigger my back porch lights, I can’t use the motion sensor of the Stickup Cam, I have to a motion sensor to trigger the lights. The Ring Stickup Cam only triggers an alert on the Ring App.
I wish Ring or Samsung would sort this out quickly.

Any update on this?

Any update?

Just getting into Smartthings. Didnt know I wouldnt be able to get my Ring stick up camera or spotlight camera to come up on Smartthings. Anyone know what there doing about this? Do I/we need to contact ring?

Here we are 2.5 years later. The ST app states that it IS compatible with the Ring Stick up cam battery, but sadly after many many attempts I CANNOT get the stick up cam integrated whatsoever.

High-fiving all those support techs who’ve bothered chiming in on the topic…

At one point I was about to buy a few of the Stick Ups, just assuming they would work well with Smartthings.

It’s good to know, anyway. Hopefully someone will take notice and something will happen.