Which outdoor cam for SmartThings?

Hi guys,
I am new to SmartThings, and have problem with connecting Ring Stick Up Cam to SmartThings.
So, I am going to return it and order another, any recommendations?

The stick up cam battery model is supposed to work with smartthings. The wired model does not.

With all camera brands, some models work and some don’t, so you have to check the details.


Check the “view all“ section on the ring page to see which models are listed.


There may also be regional restrictions on some models, so you may want to search the forum for a specific model before you order it to see if anyone else in your country is using it.

Here’s the thread on ring models. You will see that people have had a lot of different experiences with them, it’s very confusing.

2020 Rundown: Ring Products and new V3 App?

I know that’s all a lot of work. It’s up to the individual device manufacturers to create the integration to smartthings, so you just have to research them one by one. :thinking:

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Thanks for your information and advice.
But the situation I encountered is exactly the same as what mentioned in previous discussions about the issue.
I followed the steps to connect SmartThings account with Ring account, but it said no supported device in the my Ring account while my Ring Stick is normally operating in Ring Apps.

I am wondering, if no good video camera support SmartThings, why I don’t use Alexa to create the smart home automation? I just try to use Ring camera motion detection to trigger Alexa to speak out but not working. But I use multi motion sensor in SmartThings Hub to trigger Alexa to speak welcome message, it works. Very difficult to understand why there is different outcomes.

Arlo and Nest is about the only guaranteed brand with outdoor cams that will work at the moment.

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