Looking for alternative to ring.com doorbell and stickup cam

Tried the ring doorbell plus the stickup cam, but too many problems with product and tech support and I gave up trying to make it work. I’ll outline what I need then ask a couple of specific questions.

I need:

2 cameras, preferably wifi but could also do power over ethernet, one for driveway (20-30ft min daytime motion detection), one for front door (15-20ft min daytime motion detection). Notification time needs to be something less than would allow someone to walk to the door, leave (or take) a package, then walk away before we know anyone is there,
Network recording
I’d like some way to talk to the person at the front door from the same app as I use for the camera, but that’s not a requirement for me.

I was looking at the d-link outdoor camera and digital recorder, but I’m open to anything that I’m confident will work. I’m not yet a smartthings user but I see that the d-link camera is supported but the recorder isn’t.

My questions are:

  1. What have you tried that might work?
  2. Will the smartthings hub give me an alternate option to the d-link recorder, or will I still need the recorder? If I still need the recorder, help me understand the advantage of it being one of the smartthings.