Need To Delete a Routine, But Routine Not Displaying In App

I have Routine A set up to automatically turn our back patio lights off at sunrise. It’s been triggering, but until this morning I thought those lights were part of Routine B. I found this out when I went to the History and saw Routine A triggered at 7:30 AM: “Sent off command to Back Patio Lights, etc.”

I don’t need duplicate routines, so I’d like to delete Routine A and add those back lights to Routine B. However, Routine A isn’t displaying anywhere in my Routines list or anywhere else in the App - other than the history notifications.

Any ideas? This happened a couple of times when I was first setting up my hub and all of my routines and was creating and deleting - somehow they’d delete on my end within the app but would still be in my account. This created all kinds of screw-ups. Found this out through a couple of chat sessions. Seems to me though, that I shouldn’t have to contact support every time I delete a routine to make sure it really deleted.


Not sure why that’s occurring, but you might be able to delete phantom routines by logging into the IDE.

Thanks! Turns out it wasn’t a phantom routine, but something I set up with a smart app several months ago. Totally forgot about that, but the IDE detail ID’d that for me. All taken care of now.

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