Require a welcome code for V2 hub

So I have had the hub forever but shelved it and moved to a home assistant setup, then I purchased a galaxy book 360 2 and noticed in the settings there is a smart things addition so I decided to dig the hub back out.

Here lie my issues

  1. I signed the laptop up to a new Smarthings account and when digging the old hub out they were on different ids, I reset the hub and was asked for a welcome code. God knows how long I have had the hub but no box and it’s not on the bottom so I need the code, do I just list the serial on here for help?

  2. do the hub and laptop work together at the same time, I would prefer the hub to be the hub and the laptop to sync, is this how it works?

Thanks for any help and support

I have emailed for the welcome code, any help on question 2 would be great.

The laptop has no hubfunctionality. Its just an app with less functionality than the phoneapps.