Lost my welcome code

So, like an idiot, accidentally threw away my smart things code on my new v.2 hub. Of course, I made sure I removed all of my current devices from my old hub before I realized it. DOH!

I e-mailed smarthings for a new code, but they say it might be several days before they are able to respond. Any way to get this resolved sooner by resetting the code or logging in, or…I dunno…


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Dumpster diving?

Sorry buddy, not sure how to fix this :frowning:

@Benji’s right. You can’t proceed without the code, and you can only get the code from the paper that came with the hub or from ST support.

The code is never actually reset, they just look it up somehow. When support gets back to you, the code they give you will be the same as the one that was on the paper. I had to do that after I decommissioned my v1 hub, because I’m going to send it to my sister and brother-in-law and I’m not sure where the original paperwork is.

I am so glad I ran across this thread. I totally forgot about that code. I almost threw away the box this afternoon but say it on a shelf in the garage (I have a huge amount of product boxes cause I like to keep them until the warranty runs out).

*******So, on that note, I am writing this code on the inside of my battery door as soon as I get home! ******


That sounds like a great idea, I shall do that myself!

You can get the code immediately by calling the support line at 800-726-7864. They will have you email a picture of the bottom of your hub and tell you the code while you are still on the call.


Apparently this no longer applies. I spoke to a rep a few minutes ago, and she kept insisting the hub was attached to my TV for some reason. Once she finally figured out what I needed, I was transferred to the smartthings Dept and was promptly disconnected.

I’m attempting to contact them via email but I won’t be holding my breath for an answer. I’m about ready to sell the hub and let it be someone else’s headache…:unamused:

Only on their schedule, not 24/7

Who is to blame, ST support or the person who threw the information away and didn’t write it down and store it somewhere?

Same position here. I have the box, manual, box cover…but no welcome code.

update: Spoke to customer service on chat. There is a code on a sticker inside the battery compartment. Newer hubs should have this sticker.

Worked for me. :slight_smile:

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Still works. Of course you have to call them during regular business hours but everything can be resolved in one phone call. I have a v2 hub that has no sticker with the code at the bottom. I just called them yesterday and got my password to connect to my hub. They had to verify my info and I had to email them a photo of the bottom of the hub, but everything went smoothly and I’m happy to say I wrote the code on the bottom of the hub so this doesn’t happen again. But all is well with the world now. Thanks for the help Karren_Brown.

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