Replacement window and door sensor

I need to replace some of my Iris window & door sensors that will not work anymore. What is a cheap replacement since the Visonic MCT- 340 is not available.
Thanks, Mike

See the community FAQ.

FAQ: Door sensors? (2021)

And this:

Needing cheap contact sensor? (2020)

The non-“E” version will work too, but will pair as a thing and you can change the device type to smart sense.

though note groove/IDE will be going away soon and some 3rd party sensors will need their own edge drivers which wont be immediately available until someone ports the old code.

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I’m just wondering what the failure mode you are seeing with these. I have 40 of the Iris v2 contact sensors in my house, in use for between 18 months 5 years. None of them have stopped working. (I had one Iris v2 motion sensor fail, but only after I dropped it).

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interestingly, the SMA version has SmartThings Edge support but the E version doesn’t

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My problem with them is I can not change the battery. Every time I go to change the battery they go offline & will not go into pairing mode.

That’s strange. I’ve had some for years with multiple sets of batteries that work fine. I’d try a couple things:

  1. turn off zigbee secure mode
  2. reset the device and re-add to SmartThings. No need to delete from SmartThings. You reset by holding the small button on the side while inserting the battery.
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